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Item #: SCP-1855

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter around the entrance to SCP-1855 is to be maintained at all times. Roadblocks are set at the entrance to the road and civilian vehicles are advised by plainclothes agents to turn away. The entity located near the entrance to SCP-1855 is to be regularly monitored by security cameras.

Any change in behavior by SCP-1855-1 is to be immediately reported to the officials presiding over containment and addressed immediately.

Description: SCP-1855 is a physical area at the end of a back road near Port Vincent, Louisiana. Leading in to SCP-1855 is a 3-kilometer, curving stretch of paved road. The area itself is heavily wooded and hosts residential properties and small dumping areas.

Testing subjects will encounter a 1967 Ford F-100 pickup truck with white paintjob (SCP-1855-1) upon reaching the 2 km point. SCP-1855-1 will be blocking the road. After one minute, SCP-1855-1 will begin leading those that encounter it down the remaining stretch, ending in Louisiana Highway 22. The entity, SCP-1855-1, seems to act as a pilot vehicle commonly used for aiding motorists through construction areas overlapping roads. If subjects pass SCP-1855-1, they will arrive in SCP-1855-2.

Subjects entering the threshold of SCP-1855 any time after another subject enters the area have not been capable of contact with one another physically or by means available through current unclassified technology, suggesting each instance of SCP-1855 is unique to the time entered. Those observing subjects crossing the threshold perceive them temporarily travelling backwards (after crossing the threshold), freezing momentarily, and finally disappearing in a “wave” from back to front.

SCP-1855-2 is an area identical to Louisiana Highway 22 and the area around it, continuing on for at least 300 km or indefinitely. The area or dimension is believed to be a replica of the known world, but has been found to host a number of irregularities outlined in Document 1855-A. Alien inhabitants, such as subjects entering SCP-1855-2, do not appear vulnerable to any irregularities or hazards that would otherwise be lethal to them.

SCP-1855-2 can be exited by looping around the previous route and reentering SCP-1855.

Document 1855-A: SCP-1855 Phenomena

Stasis of Inhabitants
Mechanical Previously functional mechanisms do not appear to be functional after crossing into SCP-1855. Objects not functional within SCP-1855 include analog clocks, worm gears, car transmissions, and electric drills. Mechanical systems are impossible to power; objects activated by manual power are impossible to operate without damaging the object.
Biological There are no living sapient objects within SCP-1855. Fauna and flora found within SCP-1855 are motionless and do not decay, but are believed to be deceased. Attempts to manipulate deceased flora and fauna are ineffective; strong forces are unable to cause the slightest changes to the composition or position of the objects.
Alien Subjects Alien subjects do not appear to be affected by any otherwise inhospitable ‘natural’ irregularities in SCP-1855’s atmosphere. Things such as freezing temperature or a limited supply of oxygen are extraneous. Things such as starvation still affect alien subjects within SCP-1855.
Environmental Stasis
Time [DATA EXPUNGED] powered clocks do not register as if time were moving forward or backward. There do not appear to be day and night cycles within SCP-1855. Time of day is the same as it was the time SCP-1855 was entered.
Heat No changes in temperature are present. Temperature is the same as it was the time SCP-1855 was entered.
Other Abnormalities Electrical charge, waves, and oxidation are not present. The presence of light and feeling of heat within SCP-1855 is unexplained.

Interview with SCP-1855-1: The SCP-1855-1 entity located in the vehicle is only partially visible through a heavily tinted window rolled up to eye level.

SCP-1855-1: Just stay in your car, there's demolition work bein' done up ahead.

Agent Breen: We just have a few questions.

SCP-1855-1: Make it quick then, you’re gonna hold up traffic goin’ out.

Agent Breen: How long have you been working as a pilot driver on this road?

SCP-1855-1: That’s a funny question. Not long. Woke up this morning, got in my truck, and headed to the site. You the police? I ain’t done nothing wrong.

Agent Breen: Where does this road lead?

SCP-1855-1: On to LA 22. I suggest you turn around though; this doesn’t go nowhere you’d want to go, at least not in a timely manner. It’s just houses and lots of empty land for about 10 mile in every direction. Lots of twisting roads and dead ends and private properties. I suggest you take the interstate.

Agent Breen: I don’t see any actual work being done here. It’s just you, and what appears to be freshly paved road on to highway 22.

SCP-1855-1: Listen bud, I just drive the pilot truck. If you want to know about the plans around here I suggest you head down to Baton Rouge and talk to the people in charge.

Agent Breen: Please step out of the vehicle.

SCP-1855-1: Aw, hell, I knew this was fishy. Listen, if you don’t show me no badge I ain’t steppin' out of nothin’.

Agent Breen produces an FBI identification badge.

SCP-1855-1: Wooo, oh boy. Now I’m curious.

SCP-1855-1 rolls up its window and the door to the truck opens. No entity is present within the vehicle. Objects found within the vehicle are: one pack containing six full-flavor cigarettes, a gallon of water, a book of matches, 174 apparently unspent matches on the floor of the vehicle, a pack of playing cards, an unopened package of corn chips, and a candy bar wrapper.

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