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The following has been classified Code Red—Inaccessible by the Records and Information Security Administration. Access is restricted to Level 5 personnel only. This document was nullified by Overwatch Directive 001, when this organization (the American Secure Containment Initiative) merged with several others to form the modern Foundation on 1 January 1916. This record is retained for archival purposes only.


Popular newspaper depiction of a Negro servant afflicted by Phenomenon 1851-023.

Item Number: 1851-023

Classification Type: Threatening

ASCI Protocols for Containment: Negroes affected by this phenomenon are to be treated by as many of the following procedures as is deemed necessary by the owner or lessee: One, that corporal punishment in the form of whipping be applied up to one hundred per day (seventy-five for wenches, fifty at most for pickaninnies); Two, that affected workers be instructed through Biblical teachings in the appropriate deference to be shown to divinely ordained masters; Three, that the large toes of each foot be removed. Incurable servants are to be recruited into the program for incorrigibles as detailed in this report.

Description: Phenomenon 1851-023 is a disorder of the mind exclusive to the Negro race, and most particularly to those segments of the Negro race appropriately employed in servile labor under the tutelage of a white master.1 The primary symptom of the phenomenon is the desire on the part of affected servants to quit their divinely-assigned duties and lands, migrating to territories sympathetic to their situation. Of late it has been recorded that a number of Negro servants2 have become difficult to contain in their places; this has been noted both within those properties controlled by the Containment Initiative and throughout those areas inhabited by the owners of such servants. Initiative Senior Researcher S. Cartwright has demonstrated in his laboratory the existence of a phenomenon called by himself Drapetomania, but to be known henceforth as Phenomenon 1851-023 in Initiative documentation.

The cause of this malady is incompletely understood; as is presently known, there is no discernible form of miasma3 potentially responsible for the disorder. A correlation has been found, however, between the presentation of this form of disobedience and a particular relationship between master and servant. More specifically, those occasions when masters begin to treat servants as though they are of the white race, begin to treat them as equals, are the occasions that seem most likely to lead to this phenomenon. It cannot be emphasized too greatly that Negroes kept in captivity must be reminded of their inferior status with a regular frequency, and must not be allowed to think too highly of themselves. Particulars to avoid include: allowing servants to achieve literacy or numeracy; giving servants the ability to choose their own mates, thus disturbing the thorough planning of masters to maintain stronger bloodlines; and the free practice of Negro Christianity, which tends to undermine the lessons of dependence taught to the Negro by white churches.

This report compiled July 17th 1851 in accordance with American Secure Containment Initiative protocols.

Nota Bene: The prevalence of Phenomenon 1851-023 among the working and breeding stock owned by many of the Initiative's directors, along with a general sense of civic duty, have prevailed upon the Initiative to take action. Henceforth, Initiative men are to encourage patrollers and police to remand captured Negro escapees into their custody. Dr. Cartwright has put together a particular cohort of unruly servants otherwise unsuited for conventional Negro labor, which he is referring to informally as the Drapetomaniac Class. These are to be put through the most rigorous of duties for the Initiative, those for which loyal servants would be wasted through attrition. —Director Wilson, noted March 31st 1857

Nota Bene: Given the recent political developments, particularly the recent initiation of civil war and its implications for the likely future of Negro servitude, alternate plans are being composed for the future of the Drapetomaniac Class, upon which our research has become rather dependent. —Director Wilson, noted October 4th 1862

Nota Bene: Our fears have come to fruition with the recent proclamation. Henceforth, given our official support for the Northern Union, our policy is to be as follows: Recruitment for D Class is to now take place among prisons, asylums for madmen and madwomen, the chronically indigent, almshouses, and those arrested for vagrancy. This policy, which we are calling the Cartwright Protocol, has the advantage of maintaining a remarkably similar makeup for our D Class while supporting the current regime in the Federal City. —Director Wilson, noted January 4th 1863

Nota Bene: Criticism for our current policies re: D Class recruitment has come from several of our overseas counterparts. Given current policy among the Board of Directors in the mutual attempt at an alliance or merger with organizations with similar aims, the Initiative is to restrict its D class recruitment solely to prisons and, in the event of extreme need, orphanages. In practice, of course, this will change little of the racial makeup of that group. Additionally, those of the D class are to be disposed of in secret and their numbers no longer recorded, except for the Directorate's information. —Director Morris, noted March 17th 1914

Addendum 1851-5: This anomaly declassified and removed 1 January 1916. Head Researcher ████ Cartwright has proposed all documentation regarding SCP-1851 be located and destroyed.

Tell Cartwright he can go to hell. We'll remove it, but we're keeping a record of what we've done. His family did this, and we helped him; we're not whitewashing the record for him. I don't know how we'll ever make up for what we've done here, but the least we can do is remember. O5-9

Addendum 1851-6: All D-class personnel recruited under the Cartwright Protocol given amnestics and released. Recruiting now to take place among prisoners by double-blind committee unaware of race, gender, or any factor other than the crime committed. Selective reparations made to particular families affected under the protocol.

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