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Item #: SCP-1848

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: [Previous Iterations Expunged]: Containment Iteration 71

Initial Proposal, 1986: Direct contact with SCP-1848 is not permitted and should not be attempted under any circumstances. SCP-1848 is to be contained in a single room containment suite in Site-19's North Wing, subsection four. It is to be heavily guarded, with no fewer than eight regularly rotating guards and a constantly shifting staff.2 While basic amenities are allowed, these requests must be made through written statements, which are then carefully analyzed before being permitted.

Description: SCP-1848 currently presents as a middle-aged, Caucasian male, approximately 1.7 meters tall and 130 kilograms (the approximate height, weight, and appearance of Dr. Ellis Cartwright, the head of SCP-1848's containment team). SCP-1848 is known to change forms, but it has maintained its current form since the most recent revision of its containment procedures. During interviews with SCP-1848, it has claimed to be over a hundred different mythical and historical figures, including: Raven, Coyote, Loki, Hermes, Anansi, Saci, John F. Kennedy, and Jesus Christ. It never offers evidence to support these claims. Rather, people hearing them are simply convinced, usually through what they believe to be completely logical arguments (see Addendum SCP-1848-Interview Sample).

SCP-1848 has been in the Foundation's custody for over seventy-five years, during which time it has breached containment on 386 occasions. SCP-1848 does this by assuming the appearance of people, objects, or even locations which can be used to emotionally manipulate the viewer (see Addendum SCP-1848-Observations). Most often, SCP-1848 appears as a human being or animal from the observer's past.

In the past, actions which seemed innocuous to those observing them — giving advice to researchers about their career goals, helping fix a broken door, preparing a meal — always resulted in strongly negative outcomes, usually things which SCP-1848 found amusing or humorous (see Addendum SCP-1848-Incidents). While three people have been critically injured in these incidents, SCP-1848 does not appear to be pursuing these attempts with malicious goals. Instead, it appears to find genuine amusement in its 'pranks' and believes others do as well.

After extensive research, it was discovered that SCP-1848's abilities are directly tied to the emotional and mental states of those it encounters. By minimizing encounters, incidents have dropped off drastically. Currently, SCP-1848 has not changed forms or shifted its appearance since Dr. Cartwright's major shift in its containment procedures in 1994.

Addendum SCP-1848: Interviews

While there are hundreds of recorded interviews with SCP-1848, only a handful are considered completely safe for observation. Far too often, SCP-1848's ability to convince people to perform tasks or open the containment chamber is conveyed to those observing it as entirely logical and sensible, even through text transcripts. The few examples retained here were chosen to educate new staff members about the dangers of non-standard communication with SCP-1848 and has a text-communication rate of less than .35%.

WARNING: Do Not Skim This Section. Read It Carefully. Before unlocking this document, please remember that a 'husticorn' does not exist and is not real. At this time, if you doubt that fact, please stop reading the document and perform research on the term. When you are convinced, please proceed.

WARNING: Do Not Skim This Section. Read It Carefully. Before unlocking the following document, please review Foundation procedures. It is not necessary, anywhere in the procedural documents, to urinate in your pants, nor have any of those facts been expunged. At no point will this be necessary. Once you are certain that it is not necessary for you to do so, please proceed.


Addendum SCP-1848: Observations

What follows is a short list of the various forms into which SCP-1848 has changed. Please remember that SCP-1848 fully possesses the ability to change into a seemingly limitless number of forms, even though it currently does not. Do not underestimate its ability to trick, fool, or obfuscate the truth.

Observer Results
Dr. Everett Mann Appeared as Dr. Mann's deceased uncle. Told him he was proud of the work that he had done for the Foundation and encouraged him to do more. No further incident reported.
Dr. Edmund Caspar Appeared as a 'golden rain from the sky.' Encouraged Dr. Caspar to be: "more open with your wife."4
Agent [REDACTED] Appeared as a large, obese woman, laughing loudly, and said: "This is what you've been wanting to see for years, baby! This is the real me!" Agent [REDACTED] laughed, then responded that "Anything is better than nothing at this point." Following a moment of silence, SCP-1848's appearance shifted to that of a young woman, brown hair, in her early thirties, and remarked: "Here's what you really want then. But it's worse than the joke, really."5
Dr. Howard Grant Appeared as Associate Researcher Light wearing a sandwich board which read "Repent! Repent! The End is Near!" Chanted for five minutes about the world's end, then returned to its previous state.
Agent Bernard North Appeared as an adult version of a childhood acquaintance. Reportedly told Agent North: "I threw the game that day because my dad hit me the night before and I wanted to make him mad." Agent North was shaken, and recommended for counseling.
Researcher Bernice Malki Appeared as an adult male, staring intensely. Reportedly told Researcher Malki: "I always wanted to do things to you, but your parents wouldn't let me get close." SCP-1848 continued to act menacingly, and called Researcher Malki 'niece' several times. Agent Malki reported that she didn't have any uncles.6
Dr. Eunice Walker Appeared as the subject's childhood bedroom. When Dr. Walker entered, SCP-1848 abruptly changed back into its previous form, then performed eructation. Testers believe Dr. Walker was dead until SCP-1848 suddenly flatulated loudly, then squatted and defecated a shocked and unharmed Dr. Walker onto the floor.7
Researcher Vladim Eisenberg Appeared as Leonid A. Eisenberg, the younger brother of researcher Eisenberg. The siblings talked for approximately ten minutes in the Rusyn dialect of Ukrainian, with Leonid claiming to be owed a significant debt by his sibling, and intent to rectify the situation by claiming his cat, Nastasia, for subsequent resale to rag collectors. Researcher Eisenberg left the cell significantly distraught and spent the following eighteen hours locked in his office.
Dr. Alto Clef Appeared as an Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich. Dr. Clef was confused, and picked up the sandwich when asked. The sauce on the sandwich dripped free. Dr. Clef's shirt subsequently stained.8
Dr. L. Goose Appeared as a former manager from a previous position of employment. Was told that he was late to work, and that he had been for six years. Dr. Goose began crying and left the room rapidly.
Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian Appeared as SCP-2091-2. Dr. Cimmerian and SCP-1848 began a conversation related to SCP-2091-2's continued confinement. Conversation concluded with Dr. Cimmerian remarking that SCP-2091-2 would be released from custody at a future date, with SCP-1848 interrupting Dr. Cimmerian to say "Why can't it happen now?" Dr. Cimmerian attempted to placate SCP-1848, who burst into tears and began screaming at Dr. Cimmerian, who was asked to leave the room.9
Dr. King Appeared as a waiter serving a multiple-course meal including oysters, lamb with mint sauce, filet mignon, roast salmon, and vanilla ice-cream. Dr. King consumed meal without incident, but was admitted to medical wards the following day from debilitating and acute paranoia.
Researcher Rose Labelle Appeared as a former girlfriend. SCP-1848 claimed to have gone through Researcher Labelle's computers at home and asked about any questionable photos of it. Remarked: "Hope you have your data backed up, babe. I made sure to burn it myself." SCP-1848 then requested Researcher Labelle's phone number as she hurriedly excused herself from the room.
Dr. Matthew Hardison Appeared as a large, over-sized "sheet-ghost". SCP-1848 proceeded to chase Dr. Hardison around the room at high speed while Dr. Hardison expressed extreme distress.10 At one point, Dr. Hardison fell, and SCP-1848 helped him up before continuing to chase him. Dr. Hardison requested and was granted leave from SCP-1848's containment chamber after fifteen minutes.
Dr. Shirley Gillespie Appeared as Dr. Gillespie's late husband, Stanley. Acted confused and forgetful, and repeatedly attempted to begin an interview with Dr. Gillespie under the impression that she was SCP-187. Dr. Gillespie was granted three (3) days of leave for personal reasons following this incident.

Addendum SCP-1848: Incidents

These collected incidents are attempts to explain SCP-1848's "sense of humor". Most of these incidents were resolved without major problems.

Escape Attempt Incident
37 Modified the Containment Procedures on SCP-808 to include a looping track of "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. The containment team eventually questioned this, but only after requisitions for a new tape were made following the original's degradation from overuse.
51 Convinced the then-pregnant Dr. Ellison that her baby was talking to her, translating what the baby was 'saying' for several minutes.11
88 Encountered one Class-D janitorial staff member, who it proceeded to convince that urine was the quickest way to get out stains. Subject regularly urinated into mop buckets and on stains before cleaning them off for the remainder of his service.
104 Simultaneously organized a "flushing contest" to see who could flush their toilet the most in a short period. Resulted in severe damage to Site-19's sewage disposal system.
144 With the aid of Site Engineers, constructed a 'rocket chair' from fire extinguishers and spare parts, then proceeded to convince Agent Simmons to 'ramp' the chair over a series of tables in the site mess. Agent Simmons was uninjured, but seven other individuals attempted to replicate the stunt, claiming they 'wanted a turn', all suffered mild to moderate injuries.
182 Using the site memo system, SCP-1848 sent out a message to all senior site staff explaining that the heating system was being adjusted so that "heat was cold" and "cold was heat." Many staff members were confused by the wording, but over 60% of them adjusted their thermostats to compensate for it.
214 Infiltrated Dr. Mary Norris's office and took the form of 200 ceramic giraffes on her desk. Dr. Norris shouted angrily about office decorum until the containment team arrived and reestablish containment lock.
277 Infiltrated the Containment Observation Rooms of SCP-530 and SCP-652. Began an argument where the two containment teams fought over whose SCP would win in a fight. Caused a security breach when the containment teams released their SCPs into the hallway in an attempt to induce combat.12
343 SCP-1848 somehow accessed a Foundation Database and deleted the files of one Johnson Gideon. Following this, the rest of the staff working with Dr. Gideon refused to believe that the Doctor was real, many of them simply believing that he did not exist and never had existed. Subsequent anomalies were regularly reported until SCP-431 was created to explain them.13


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