Item #: SCP-1842

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1842-1 and SCP-1842-2 are to be kept in separate storage lockers in Site-118's Gamma Wing. Personnel wishing to conduct tests involving SCP-1842 should submit the Experiment Request form to the current researcher staffed with testing the object, or the Director of Site-118's Gamma Wing.

SCP-1842-2 should not be used to create cylindrical shapes resembling soup cans due to the object's tendency to produce SCP-2057 instances.

Description: SCP-1842 is a collective term that refers to SCP-1842-1 and SCP-1842-2, which when combined, form a toy set.

SCP-1842-1 is a wooden toy microwave colored pink, purple, and yellow. It has no electrical components. The dials and knobs on the object are nonfunctional, and for all intents and purposes, SCP-1842-1 is a non-anomalous wooden microwave until SCP-1842-2 is used in it.

SCP-1842-2 refers to a clay-like substance, currently stored in 20 plastic jars, each containing a different color variant. SCP-1842's anomalous effect occurs when it is molded into the shape of a food, and placed inside SCP-1842-1. After turning the dials, the interior of the microwave component begins to glow, in a manner similar to that of a functioning microwave. Where the dial is turned to has achieved no difference in results.

After approximately 30 seconds, SCP-1842-1 produces a bell-tone. Following this, the door on the object opens, revealing that the SCP-1842-2 instance placed inside has taken on the shape, smell, texture, and taste of the food in which it was originally molded into. SCP-1842-2 post-cooking is referred to as SCP-1842-3.

Toxicology tests indicate that SCP-1842-2 is a toxic substance that causes vomiting, extreme nausea, headaches, and other symptoms consistent with lead poisoning roughly three minutes post-consumption. If the subject vomits the substance, or if it is expelled through the subject's digestive system, all symptoms of poisoning cease.

Once SCP-1842-2 is converted into SCP-1842-3, it is no longer toxic. However, it still retains no nutritional value.

Tests have indicated that the output of SCP-1842-2 depends on what the user of SCP-1842-1 is thinking of. The object will attempt to create the most accurate representation of the food being thought of, using SCP-1842-2 as a base to do so. See Testing Log SCP-1842-A for more information.

SCP-1842-1 is capable of replicating a currently unknown amount of food items. It is not limited to the functions of a normal microwave, and can produce things not normally produced in a microwave, such as cold dessert items, or elaborate foods.

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