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Item #: SCP-1840-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1840-J is not currently contained. Any telephone calls directed to the Foundation by SCP-1840-J should be re-routed immediately to Researcher Seaward. Under no circumstances should unauthorized personnel in contact with SCP-1840-J agree to purchase, rent, lease, borrow or take any item, object or being offered by the SCP-1840-J entity or through associated third parties. If any Foundation personnel are already in possession of an object or being obtained through SCP-1840-J, they are under strict instruction to promptly turn in the object or being, with full amnesty being granted if the SCP-1840-J customer can demonstrably prove that the purchase was made before the Foundation was aware of SCP-1840-J hazardous properties.

Description: SCP-1840-J exhibits traits of what is commonly referred to as a telemarketer. SCP-1840-J will periodically approach Foundation personnel in any capacity over a telephone and offer a brief and often exaggerated description of a item in its possession, followed by a negotiable price and means of payment, which is usually, although not always, SCP-1840-J supplying a location where the purchased item may be found, instructing the customer to leave the agreed amount of money in that location. SCP-1840-J has always honored its agreement with the customer. SCP-1840-J's voice is similar to that of a young male with a cheerful and arrogant temperament.

Items offered by SCP-1840-J are occasionally of simple monetary or curiosity value, such as fossilized dinosaur remains or diamond rings, but are more often anomalous artifacts of potency that ranges from Safe to highly dangerous Euclid-level artifacts. Researcher Seaward is under orders to purchase any item of sufficient threat for immediate containment. Despite the potentially huge monetary value of items sold by SCP-1840-J, the prices it opens with are usually extremely conservative, with a case of a Euclid-level artifact being bought for less than £5,000. SCP-1840-J displays a willingness to negotiate prices, and has been observed to accept less than 30% of the starting value. It will also occasionally offer items for free if a customer has proven sufficiently entertaining to it.

SCP-1840-J claims to be an extremely wealthy human in possession of a large collection of anomalous artifacts. It frequently alludes to being pursued by a being it identifies as an ‘Unbound Harlequin’, forcing him to sell the collection in the hope of being harder to trace.

The known and recorded interactions of SCP-1840 with the Foundation began with two telephone calls, accumulating in a five-part interview with Ex-Researcher Richter, after which all interactions were recorded but have grown increasingly sporadic after Incident 1840-A

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