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An instance of SCP-1835

Item #: SCP-1835

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents shall monitor news networks in the United States and Canada for any reports of unusual aircraft activity. Instances of SCP-1835 are to be explained away as experimental aircraft being tested by Sonny Croft Propulsion, a Foundation front. Mobile Task Force Phi-59 ("Hindenburg Haters") will collect as many instances of SCP-1835-A documentation as is logistically feasible after an SCP-1835 event. Class C Amnestics will be dispersed over population centers affected by SCP-1835 in the event of a Grade 3 Public Awareness Breach.

Description: SCP-1835 is the designation given to a series of anomalous aircraft that have manifested throughout Canada and the northern United States since 19██. These aircraft strongly resemble rigid airship dirigibles used throughout the late 19th and early 20th century; however, close examination of their external frame has revealed technological sophistication far beyond that of the last rigid airships used before their widespread replacement by airplanes after World War II, with some researchers hypothesizing technological advancement surpassing the few rigid airships currently in use around the world.

Shortly after manifesting, SCP-1835 instances will travel in a straight direction at an average speed of 60 km/h, maintaining this course for between twenty to forty minutes before demanifesting again. Attempts to come within close proximity of SCP-1835 instances have proven futile: when any aircraft come within 150 metres of the airspace of an SCP-1835 instance, it will demanifest, appearing to briefly "shimmer" before vanishing. Photographs of the interior of SCP-1835 instances taken at a distance seem to indicate that no personnel are onboard the ship, and instances appear to be automated.

Thus far, researchers have not been able to discern any meaningful pattern from recorded manifestations of SCP-1835. To date, the southernmost instance of SCP-1835 that has been recorded manifested in an abandoned field in southern Minnesota on █/█/████, and the northernmost instance outside of Slave Lake, Alberta on ██/█/████.

In ██ recorded manifestations, SCP-1835 instances have dropped flyers from their interiors. Several flyers have been transcribed below:

Document SCP-1835-34-A


In accordance with Article V, Section 33 of the Basic Law of the Federated Empire of Rupertia, all citizens aged 20 to 39 are hereby drafted to serve in the War of Alarian Aggression. The nation of Alaria has antagonized the peace-loving peoples of our glorious Empire for far too long, and Emperor Stephen XI, in his enlightened wisdom, has decreed that their antagonism towards our nation must come to an end. Eligible citizens are required to report to their local Enlistment Center for processing.


Document SCP-1835-53-A

A Message From The Respected Stephen XI, Emperor of Rupertia

Greetings, citizens of the Empire. In the months since the war to preserve the independence of our glorious country began, I have heard many fears and apprehensions expressed by citizens participating in the war effort. I share your concerns. The barbaric and ruthless Alarians, in their relentless quest to deprive us of our liberty and way of life, have been working tirelessly to sow the seeds of discontent within our populace and destroy our morale. But let me assure you: so long as I draw breath, we shall never give in.

Times have been difficult for all of us. I myself have been forced to go on rations, as have my family members. It is times like these that test our resolve; the Natural Law of the world dictates that the strong willed survive whilst the weak perish. And as Rupertians, we are the strongest, most honorable people on the face of the Earth, and it is the will of the Cosmos that we will drive the invaders from our country and secure peace and prosperity for our progeny.

I encourage all citizens to report any potential Alarian spies and sympathizers to the proper authorities with due haste. As a citizenry, we must be united in our war effort. Traitorous sympathizers, such as the recently executed Mikel Somptik, will not be tolerated on our soil. It is your duty to your country and the Cosmos to remain united in the face of the gravest threat to our existence in living memory.

I thank you all for your continual efforts to ensure our success. The loyal patriots of the Information Ministry will keep you updated on the progress of the war.


The Respected Stephen XI
Emperor of Rupertia
Long Live The Emperor
Long Live Rupertia

Document SCP-1835-59-A

Addressing Misconceptions and Planted Lies
A Message From the Information Ministry
Citizens of Rupertia,

It has come to our attention that numerous false rumors planted by Alarian spies have made their way into the public discourse. As the educational arm of the Empire, it is the duty of the Information Ministry to refute these lies:

1. Alarian soldiers have not infiltrated Rupertian territory. Since the initial invasion, all Alarian soldiers have been repelled. Reports indicating otherwise are false propaganda.
2. Casualties are at a sustainable level, and our reserves are filled with healthy soldiers ready to do their duty to their Emperor and Country.
3. Rupertian citizens of Alarian ancestry have indeed been relocated for the duration of the war effort; however, this has not been done to question their patriotism, merely to ensure their safety.
4. Finally, the Emperor and his family are alive and well, and are doing all they can to ensure the war ends swiftly and in an honorable victory for the Federated Empire of Rupertia.

Please remember to report any potential rumors and disloyal citizens to the Information Ministry and Protection Ministry, respectively.

Long Live The Emperor
Long Live Rupertia

Document SCP-1835-61

Flyer contains two sentences, in large font covering the entire page.

The Emperor Is Dead. Long Live Rupertia.

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