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Item #: SCP-1830

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1830-A is located in a custom-built 12m X 12m X 4m medical containment cell in Sector-07. A perimeter of 5 meters radius, centering on SCP-1830-A, is marked with a red line to indicate SCP-1830-B's area of appearance. A medical team should attend to SCP-1830-A's treatment on a daily basis. Should SCP-1830-A recover from the comatose state, one psychotherapist specialized in autistic spectrum disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder should be added to the team. This member must speak fluent Cantonese. During treatments, one member of security staff must be present outside the perimeter. Such arrangement exists not due to any threat from SCP-1830-B's part, but solely to reduce surprise caused by its sudden appearance. All personnel must be exposed to at least three sightings of SCP-1830-B before taking their posts.

Any request to utilize SCP-1830-A for medical training on comatose treatment should be made in Form-1830-MT and delivered to Sector-07's site director.

Description: SCP-1830-A, formerly ████ ███ Leung, is an Asian male, currently sixteen years old. At the time of containment, the subject is 1.6 meters in height and weighs 51 kg. SCP-1830-A has been in comatose state since being victimized in a criminal assault in the ███ ███ public estate, Hong Kong. Examination found extensive contusions on the head, arms and trunk. Incised wounds, carved into derogatory phrases in traditional Chinese characters, are found on the pelvis and inner thighs.

Prior to containment, SCP-1830-A studied in Form 51 at the ████ ███ Secondary School. Interviewees in the school described the subject as an unsociable person, who frequently displayed bizarre behaviors such as sharp "hisses" and convulsive "nods". Some interviewees attribute this to SCP-1830-A's diagnosis of Asperger syndrome. It is unclear whether these behaviors were coping mechanisms against difficult circumstances in school, neglect on the part of the subject's sole parent, or related to SCP-1830-B.

SCP-1830-B is a visual phenomenon that manifests within five meters of SCP-1830-A. The duration of SCP-1830-B’s appearance varies from fifteen to sixty minutes, after which it vanishes on the spot. When movement is made, SCP-1830-B's visibility becomes inversely proportionally related to the distance from SCP-1830-A, with complete disappearance occurring at five meters. On each manifestation, SCP-1830-A's brain activity shows a sharp increase. Correlations have been found between peaks of brain activity and violent, desperate gestures on the part of SCP-1830-B. The prevalent theory is that SCP-1830-B is a projection from SCP-1830-A's mind.

SCP-1830-B can manifest alternatively in two humanoid forms:3

  • "Ludwig", a middle-aged Caucasian male with the appearance of a WW1-era German soldier in the Sturmtruppen formations.4
  • "Ling-kuo", an Asian male who appears to be in his late twenties, with the appearance of a Chinese soldier in the National Revolutionary Army circa 1930s.
SCP-1830-B's activities Occurrence (%)
Standing guard. 4%
Patrolling in circle around SCP-1830-A with weapon leveled. 6%
Leveling weapon and shouting in a threatening manner. 13%
Fixing bayonet and charging. This eventually results in SCP-1830-B vanishing. 17%
Firing weapon. 28%
Stroking SCP-1830-A's head and whispering into his ear. 32%

Several activities involve SCP-1830-B utilizing weapons in a direction not facing SCP-1830-A. This is physically harmless, due to the entities' non-corporeal nature, and it does not produce sound. No mental effects except for surprise are found after SCP-1830-B or its weaponry passes through human subjects. During subsequent tests, blindfolded subjects showed no awareness of such contact until being notified afterward.

SCP-1830 was brought to the Foundation's attention when Agent ████, an undercover agent embedded in the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF), noticed reports of anomalous sightings at the crime scene and SCP-1830-A's emergency ward in witness' testimony. Under pretext of patient transferal, SCP-1830-A was transported from the local hospital to Sector-07. SCP-1830-A's limited social circle smoothed disinformation efforts considerably. The four suspects, arrested by local police on-scene, were released after administration of Class A amnestics.

Excerpt of interview with ████ Ng, SCP-1830-A's mother

I: Do you know much about your son's school life?

N: I… don’t. It’s hard enough to deal with daily living, you know. Sometime – many times – he came home with a few bruises, or some buttons missed, or some ball-pen strokes on his uniform. He never talked about it. We never talk anyway. He just dropped his head, dodged my gaze and walked to his room like I was not here. I used to call him out for that, sometimes a beating or denied him dinner, but as he grew older I just couldn’t be bothered.

I: What did he do in his room?

N: Who knows? Slaving on his computer like every Post-90s5 I guess? I heard chatter from his room. Perhaps he did chat with friends online, afterall.

I: Do you know those friends? (Note: subsequent inspection found no peripheral capable of vocal chat on SCP-1830-A’s custom-built desktop. Ms. Ng shows limited knowledge of computer technology.)

N: Well, honestly I don’t know much about his circle. But sometime he talks pretty loud, so I did hear something. One of them is called Ling-kuo. Sometime I heard him spill his guts with all those self-worthless talks and… You know, it's really rare to hear him talk that much to other people. They must be close friends. After a while I heard another name. That’s a foreigner name, can’t remember it.

I: Did he talk differently with that other friend?

N: Very different. He never spoke angrily before, but with him he did. I overheard him growling, uttering words like ‘butcher them’, ‘burn alive’, ‘die die die’. Sometimes he muttered something like that’s how you use a gun, and a bunch of other probably military terms - he likes that stuff you know, his room’s lined with books about jets and guns.

I: Do you know this person? (Interviewer produces a photograph of SCP-1830-B "Ling-kuo")

N: What the - Where did you get it? Is that what he keeps with himself everyday?

I: That’s Ling-kuo.

N: You’re kidding. That’s his dad.

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