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Item #: SCP-1818

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation interaction with the ███████ company is to be maintained so that no flights leave under the conditions which are known to cause SCP-1818. Any scheduled flights matching said conditions are to be delayed until after 13:40 GMT, unless they were scheduled for the purposes of experimentation with SCP-1818; said flights should not contain unaffiliated passengers.

All SCP-1818-A specimens generated by SCP-1818 are to be housed and studied at Biological Research Section 2B of Site-156. SCP-1818-B instances, as well as any other individuals who may have observed an occurrence of the event, are to be detained and provided with Class-B amnestics at the earliest available opportunity. See Document 1818-D for more information.

Description: SCP-1818 refers to a phenomenon occurring on all public ███████ airline flights between Glasgow, Scotland and Langenhagen, Germany, leaving between 13:31 and 13:36 GMT. Flights travelling between these destinations at this time will not display anomalous properties unless scheduled and organised with ███████1. The effects of this event are known to begin to manifest inside the plane itself, roughly ten to twenty (10-20) minutes into the flight. SCP-1818 typically progresses as follows:

  • Stage 1: Firstly, the remains of a dead, melanistic, Oryctolagus cuniculus (common European rabbit) female, designated SCP-1818-A, will be found in one of the baggage compartments of the vehicle. Cause of death usually appears to be asphyxiation as a result of smothering, while the state of the remains seem to indicate that either the animal died shortly before being discovered or that the body was well-preserved.
  • Stage 2: An individual passenger (designated SCP-1818-B) will display signs of distress, such as crying or screaming. Affected individuals have also been known to repetitively state the name ”Molly” or “Mrs. Molly”. During the entirety of Stage 2, SCP-1818-B will not be responsive when addressed by other passengers. This behaviour will persist for five to ten (5-10) minutes.
  • Stage 3: SCP-1818-A will at this point appear to independently resume its vital and active functions, with no evidence of injury remaining – how this occurs is unknown. This process will be accompanied by loud shouting and excited expressions from SCP-1818-B, who will engage in play activity with SCP-1818-A until the end of the flight. Upon landing, the subject will cease erratic behaviour, and be unable to account for their actions during the event.
Significant variations between occurrences of SCP-1818 have been observed to occur. Several notable examples of this have been listed in chronological order below;
Example No. Description
1 SCP-1818-A did not manifest; instead, at the time Stage 1 was expected to begin, the monitors installed within the aeroplane began playing footage of a deceased rabbit. Stages 2 and 3 progressed with the recorded footage behaving as a normal instance of SCP-1818-A would.
2 The remains of SCP-1818-A appeared to have been used as meat in the cooking of a cottage pie, which was served to SCP-1818-B in a standard container. Stage 2 progressed as normal; however, the organism did not appear to have regenerated the injuries associated with cooking at Stage 3. No passengers on the flight, including SCP-1818-B, observed this as unusual.
3 SCP-1818-A did not fully manifest; instead, the leg and parts of the torso of a black European rabbit were recovered. Upon initiation of Stage 3, these appendages were observed to undergo occasional twitching, which ceased upon landing. No passengers on the flight appeared to acknowledge this discrepancy, and treated the remains as if they were complete throughout the event.
4 At the onset of Stage 2, a live, male albino rabbit was found on the plane. This caused hostile behavior in SCP-1818-B, who then proceeded to kill the specimen through throttling. SCP-1818-B was not responsive to interrogation for the remainder of the flight, and Stage 3 did not occur.
5 Details of this event are unknown. A ███████ airline flight which left under SCP-1818's conditions as result of containment failure was found to have crashed in the countryside of ██████, █████. At time of discovery, the crash-site contained the dead bodies of one-hundred-and-fifty-three (153) female black rabbits. None of the bodies of the human passengers recorded as having been on the flight were found.

Note: The following text was found written in biro pen on a ███████ airline pamphlet which appeared to have survived the incident described in Example 5.

I can’t remember how it goes anymore.

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