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Item #: SCP-1807

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1807 is to be kept in Containment Cell #8467 at Site 23. Unless instructed otherwise for the purposes of testing, personnel are not to make unprotected skin contact with the object. Protective gear must be worn at all times, even when venturing into SCP-1807-1. Sample audio recordings are to be taken within SCP-1807-1 weekly so as to study the behavior of SCP-1807-A instances.

Manifestations of SCP-1807-B are to be subdued and contained in separate cells as quickly as possible. If captured, interviews with these subjects must be approved by a Level-3 researcher prior to scheduling, and any testing on any of these organisms must be approved by two (2) Level-3 researchers and one (1) Level-4 researcher.

Description: SCP-1807 is the corpse of an okapi (Okapia johnstoni). The object measures approximately 1m in height and 60kg in weight. A plastic tag is present on the corpse's ear reading "2928." There is a large flap of skin that has been cut away from the body so as to expose the anomalous interior space of SCP-1807, which is much larger than the exterior of the okapi. This internal space is hereby designated SCP-1807-1.

SCP-1807-1 is the space within the okapi, measuring approximately 2km2 in area. The highest recorded temperature within this area is 0oC. There are several structures and machines of unknown purpose affixed to the various surfaces of SCP-1807-1. All of these objects are composed of a wide variety of organic matter. When first discovered, these machines displayed minimal levels of activity and complexity, and most appeared to be entirely nonfunctional; however, personnel began noticing increased activity from these objects as well as drastically greater intricacy in their component parts after the creation of several instances of SCP-1807-A. Tentative further testing confirmed a correlation between these two phenomena; as such, testing on SCP-1807 has been temporarily halted.

When a human being makes physical contact with SCP-1807's body for at least five (5) seconds, that human will disappear and apparently become an instance of SCP-1807-A. Contact with the object through clothing and contact with the interior of SCP-1807 do not activate this property.

SCP-1807-A refers to human voices that can be heard from within SCP-1807-1. As of the time of writing, twenty-seven (27) separate voices have been distinguished and subsequently matched to persons that have disappeared from the town of ██████████, Florida, including [REDACTED] Instances of SCP-1807-A can be heard communicating exclusively with each other, either due to inability to hear outside voices or unwillingness to acknowledge them. See Audio Log-1807-Alpha for a sample of these voices.

SCP-1807 was discovered in the aforementioned town when Foundation agents responded to reports of claims of a "children-eating horse" at a petting zoo. The corpse itself was found on the kitchen floor of a house belonging to ███ Watts, the owner of the petting zoo, upon further investigation. The entirety of the Watts family has been officially reported as missing. Due to the nature of the anomalous event and the inefficiency of distributing amnestics to all persons involved, Foundation personnel have begun to disseminate multiple urban legends regarding this event to local peoples.

Audio Log-1807-Alpha:

SCP-1807-A-011: Just come over here, ██, I'm gonna take care of you and keep you safe. Just walk right on over to me…

SCP-1807-A-022: Like hell you're gonna do that, you sonuvabitch. Stay away from that man, ██.

SCP-1807-A-033: Yes, daddy.

SCP-1807-A-01: Come on old man, I just want to help out here, keep everyone safe while we figure out what the heck is going on here. We all just need to stick together, like we all did before you came along.

SCP-1807-A-03: [whimpers]

SCP-1807-A-02: You're not gettin' any closer to any of these kids, you sick freak. I'll be damned to hell— if, in fact, I'm not already there— before I say I was glad I got here, but I'd rather burn than leave you alone with any of these youngsters.

[Unclear audio; many screams and sounds indicative of an altercation]

Addendum-1807-Omicron: On 16/02/2006, several humanoids attired in vintage diving costumes, hereby designated SCP-1807-B, manifested at several locations within and around Site 23 and demanded the usage of SCP-1807. The following log comprises the first interaction with these entities.

Interviewed: SCP-1807-B-01

Interviewer: Agent Fredricks

Foreword: The entity speaks in broken English, using improper grammar and words from unidentified languages. Foundation linguists have edited this log for greater understanding of the entity's speech and content. An unabridged version of this log is available in Records Room 45, File Cabinet 4837.

<Begin Log>

Fredricks: Who are you?

SCP-1807-B-01: Just a man, captain. Like you. I've come to get what was stolen from me.

Fredricks: A man? As in, a human? And why are you wearing that diving suit?

SCP-1807-B-01: I am a man, most certainly, and as human as I can ever be. The suit's just a thin layer of ice, barely keeping me from falling in. But that's neither here nor there. Just give me the llama.

Fredricks: [holds up picture of SCP-1807] This?

SCP-1807-B-01: [nods] Yep. That's her. Isn't she beautiful? Oh <UNKNOWN: "SHABAVE">, I just cannot wait to get back on the flow with her. Bring her here.

Fredricks: Sure, sure. But before we can do that, you have to tell us a bit about it.

SCP-1807-B-01: You mean, "her." And I'm just gonna have to decline you there, captain. You've no business knowing our secrets.

Fredricks: Well, it'll take a while to get it anyways. What's it used for?

SCP-1807-B-01: [grunts, then remains silent for ten (10) seconds] Can't get home without her.

Fredricks: And where is that?

SCP-1807-B-01: [silence]

Fredricks: Why do people get absorbed into it?

SCP-1807-B-01: They got what we need.

Fredricks: And what's that?

SCP-1807-B-01: <UNKNOWN: "FRAVA">. To put it in simpler, more… frivolous terms, heat.

Fredricks: And what do you use it for?

SCP-1807-B-01: To power everything that we can't. To fuel our world. To kill our enemies. Now, I'm not here asking for much— hell, I'm not even gonna try to take any more from your world— I just need the horse. Or sheep. Whatever the hell it is you have in this world, they're all fucking weird. Point is, just give me the animal so we can leave. That's all I'm asking. Please. The flood upon us and the drought's encroaching.

Fredricks: I'm afraid we can't—

SCP-1807-B-01: [slams fist into wall] You listen here, you <UNKNOWN: "THRAB MOKE PLIRN">, we're gonna die if you don't fetch that alpaca right this second. My family is going to die. My mayor is gonna die. There's people starving in the sewers, unable to even move or send out searchlights. My church is even running out of candles, and let me tell you, they never run out of candles. I've only got enough heat to last a few minutes more here, so you best make up your mind right now before I make it for you.

Fredricks: I'm sorr—

<End Log>

Closing Statement: At this point, SCP-1807-B-01 separated into several sections, as naturally divided by the diving suit, and quickly began moving along a variety of hallways and corridors in apparent search for SCP-1807. This revealed that there was no physical form present within the suit during the interview. After a few minutes of this action, all instances of SCP-1807-B demanifested. Security has been informed of this incident and will report any future manifestations of SCP-1807-B.

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