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Item #: SCP-1804

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1804 is to be housed in a secure office at Site-19. Any text produced by SCP-1804 showing anomalous properties shall be treated as a Safe memetic SCP, given the next sequential SCP designation number1 and stored in hardcopy-only format in an adjacent secure document locker.

Text produced by SCP-1804 may only be copied as part of an authorized experiment, and such copies must be destroyed upon test completion. After any testing, test subjects must be given Class-A amnestics to remove knowledge of the contents of any anomalous text documents.

Description: SCP-1804 is a fully functional Underwood Model #5 Typewriter with a U.S. key layout, manufactured at some time between 1925 and 1928. The machine shows signs of wear consistent with relatively frequent use, as well as several parts that seem to have been replaced and/or serviced during its lifetime. No part of the mechanism is atypical for this model of typewriter, and the materials used in its construction show no abnormalities.

When SCP-1804 is used to produce text, the text produced may exhibit anomalous properties. Anomalous effects will not be present if the majority of text is not original to the document being typed. If such properties are present, they will manifest by triggering abnormal cognitive and/or emotional reactions in subjects upon reading the text. Such effects appear to require the subject’s comprehension of the anomalous text and will affect the typist as well as subsequent readers. The exact nature of these effects appears to vary based on the semantic content of the text, the state of mind of the typist, and the intended purpose of the text.

When text produced by SCP-1804 shows anomalous properties, those properties will manifest in any copies that retain the exact same semantic meaning as the original typewritten manuscript. This includes photocopies, transcriptions, and OCR scans. Translations into other languages and audio reproductions of anomalous text have, to date, shown no anomalous properties.

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