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Item #: SCP-1788

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-1788 is currently impossible. Embedded agents in various governments, including those of ███████, ██████, and ███ ██████ ██████ ██ ███████, are working to enact mandatory roentgen screenings under the guise of tuberculosis eradication, as a means of pinpointing SCP-1788-1 instances. Any suspected instances of SCP-1788-1 are to be reported immediately to Armed Biological Area-223 Command. Personnel are not to engage suspected instances and should retreat immediately.

The Foundation currently has seven (7) instances of SCP-1788-1 imprisoned in Armed Biological Area-223. Contact with these instances is strictly forbidden outside of approved experiments. Each instance is to be housed in a separate humanoid containment cell. Feeding and cleaning requirements are laid out in document 1788-CF.

No more SCP-1788-1 instances are required for current research purposes; any newly-discovered instances of SCP-1788-1 are preemptively cleared by O5 command for immediate termination by Armed Mobile Task Force Tau-4 ("All Things Bright and Dutiful").

Description: SCP-1788 is a process, treatment, or other means of biological transformation. A prepubescent human being subjected to SCP-1788 becomes an instance of SCP-1788-1. Currently the creator(s) or discoverer(s) of SCP-1788 is unknown; groups of interest are being investigated. Finding the origin of SCP-1788 is considered a Sindri-level priority.

On reaching adulthood, SCP-1788-1 instances display predatory behavior towards prepubescent humans. Typically, they will settle in a large urban center, find a form of white-collar employment,1 then begin tracking prepubescents in the area. Approximately once every six (6) months, an SCP-1788-1 instance will attempt to abduct one of the prepubescents it has been tracking and take them to a remote or otherwise unobserved location, where it is subjected to the SCP-1788 process and turned into an instance of SCP-1788-1.

Little information has been gathered from captured instances of SCP-1788-1. Instances are of above-average intelligence,2 and show extremely strong resistance to compulsion, coercion, torture, [DATA EXPUNGED], and other forms of information extraction. Every instance to date has also shown signs of malignant narcissism and psychopathy; they generally have a complete lack of empathy while also showing keen psychological insight. For these reasons, among others, unauthorized contact with SCP-1788-1 instances is strictly forbidden.

Individual instances generally do not voluntarily gather or interact, except for the purposes of mating; in fact, when two or more instances are placed in the same environment, they typically fight for dominance. This behavior is not gender-linked; females and males will fight one another in addition to their own genders, and in a mixed-gender group there will be only one dominant individual, who may be male or female. Captured instances are housed separately to minimize damage. Multiple instances have been seen in the same general urban area, but never in a ratio greater than 1:100,000 normal humans.3

Mating season apparently occurs annually, but is not seasonally linked: instances in some environments have been observed mating in the summer, while other instances have been observed mating in winter months. SCP-1788-1 instances will exclusively mate with one another; they have no apparent sexual attraction to normal humans. Gestation period for SCP-1788-1 instances is approximately forty (40) weeks, roughly the same as humans. Their offspring are genetically indistinguishable from normal humans and are not considered anomalous; however, as they are prime candidates for undergoing the SCP-1788 process, their capture or termination is to be considered high priority, second only to the termination of SCP-1788-1 instances.


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