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Item: SCP-1778

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1778 has been marked as orbital debris from a failed uncrewed Soviet mission. All embedded agents of the Foundation within the most relevant space agencies are to observe SCP-1778 and prevent all research or interaction initiative related to it.

Different recovery and disposal measures are being studied at the time, and remain pending approval from level 4 authorities until possible future connections with SCP-1778 are established. A MTF Beta-3 ("Blue Danube") team remains in standby for these operations.

Description: SCP-1778 is, to date, the only known spaceship of the Soyuz 7K-L2 series, designed by [REDACTED] and placed in orbit in 1966 as part of a special program developed and financed by the Psychotronics division of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) with unknown aims. SCP-1778 currently remains in low Earth orbit. It has been contacted from different points of the surface of the Earth since its discovery through brief radio exchanges with unknown interlocutors. Only those exchanges initiated through the methods deployed by these interlocutors will receive an answer from SCP-1778 (See documents TL-01, TL-02 and TL-03).

While flying over the territories of the former Soviet Union, SCP-1778 seems to behave as any satellite or orbiter. However, in the moment of passing over the Prime Meridian, SCP-1778 decelerates through unknown means and adopts an orbit that takes it in the opposite direction, then accelerating rapidly until it reaches Meridian 170º, when it resumes its previous orbit and speed. During this period, SCP-1778 accelerates until it reaches an estimated speed of 0.09c with transmissions of anomalous nature during these 0.3 seconds being emitted from it. While it has been hypothesized that these transmissions do contain information, all attempts at deciphering thus far have failed.

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