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Item #: SCP-1777

Object Class: Safe (Change to Neutralized under O5 review)

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the public nature of SCP-1777-2, and the rarity/safe nature of SCP-1777-1, SCP-1777 is, for the most part, uncontained. Site-E13 is to remain staffed at all times, with remote surveillance of SCP-1777-2 to occur on a 24 hour basis. Should SCP-1777-1 make an appearance to a visitor, Site staff are to record any commentary made, then dispatch a team which is to include two security members dressed as tour guides, and one dressed so as to resemble SCP-1777-1. Suggested cover story is that the agent so dressed is a reenactor with a local troupe, and was playing a role. Should the visitor be disinclined to believe the cover story, use of stun guns and amnestics is approved.

Researchers are encouraged not to attempt interaction with SCP-1777-2.

Description: SCP-1777-1 is an apparent specter that is known to appear within SCP-1777-2. It manifests as a two meter tall male human, dressed from head to toe in rusty plate armor of a variety common in England during the 15th century. Several simple markings are scratched into the armor, the same symbols which appear inside SCP-1777-2. Clasped in its hands is a cross-hilted longsword approximately 1.5 meters long, bearing a double fuller style blade. The word 'Veritas'1 has been carved across the hilt. It has so far proven impossible to touch 1777-1 in any way.

SCP-1777-2 is the natural structure known as King's Cave, on Arran Island, in Scotland. The main inner pillar is carved with many symbols, including a man holding what appears to be a bow over his head, and another that seems to depict a sword. Testing has proven anything carved on this column will show up on the armor of SCP-1777-1 when it appears.

SCP-1777-1 appears to be triggered by the presence of any direct descendant of any of the kings of England. This does not extend to descendants of queens. When such a person enters SCP-1777-2, SCP-1777-1 appears, and seems to study them for a moment. It will then speak in what has been identified as a dialect of Latin, 'Puer de (insert ancestor king's name) est non tempus'2 before vanishing. It is unsure why this is done, but whenever possible, known descendants of kings are kept away from SCP-1777-23.

SCP-1777-1 has so far never been wrong in its determination of lineage.

Addendum 1: On 03/24/2006, D-86701, a descendant of Sweyn Forkbeard, was brought into SCP-1777-2. Upon the appearance of SCP-1777-1, Senior Researcher Janus attempted to interview it. He continuously interrupted it for several minutes, causing SCP-1777-1 to stay manifested for longer then it ever had before. At this point SCP-1777-1 interacted with its environment for the first time, backhanding the researcher, breaking his jaw. It spoke the following words in Latin 'Stultus bestia, relinquere me ad meum munus.4' It then finished its statement to D-86701, and vanished.

Since this event, SCP-1777-1 has failed to materialize whenever a Foundation researcher or other operative has accompanied a prospective visitor.

Addendum 2: On 07/12/2011, a visitor later identified as Bernard Scrivens, 23, of Sussex, England, made his way into SCP-1777-2. No staff were currently on site, but were watching the video feeds. 1777-1 appeared as normal, but instead of speaking, it handed its sword to Scrivens, and left. A team was dispatched to contain the site, and determine what had happened. Upon arrival, the team was attacked by the man. Although non-lethal force was used, the stun guns triggered a heart attack in Scrivens, which led to his death. At this point SCP-1777-1 reappeared, and spoke 'Requiesce in pace Arturus, sic finit Camelot.5' 1777-1 has not reappeared since this incident.

The sword is awaiting classification pending determination of anomalous properties.

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