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Item #: SCP-1774

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Each SCP-1774 instance is to be kept in Class-2 Spectral Containment units in separate wings of Site 88. SCP-1774-01, -04, and 07 are to have their batteries recharged or replaced weekly to ensure that the entities contained within are not destroyed due to oversight. Testing is to be performed with the permission of Director York.

Description: SCP-1774 is the collective designation for several pieces of equipment formerly used by an amateur paranormal investigation agency. Current extant pieces include a handheld infrared video camera (SCP-1774-01), a handheld thermographic video camera (SCP-1774-02), an EMF detector (SCP-1774-03), a "ghost box"1 (SCP-1774-04), a "divining pendulum" (SCP-1774-05), a digital voice recorder (SCP-1774-06), and an infrared thermometer (SCP-1774-07).

Each instance of SCP-1774 acts as a container for a unique spectral entity. Designated SCP-1774-X-A (i.e. SCP-1774-01-A, SCP-1774-02-A), all instances are sapient and are only capable of being detected and interacted with using their respective SCP-1774 instance. For example, SCP-1774-01-A is only capable of appearing on film recorded by SCP-1774-01, and SCP-1774-06-A can communicate via talking over data recorded on SCP-1774-06.

Data recorded by SCP-1774 instances can vary greatly from what is actually occurring. For example, footage from SCP-1774-01 can show the manipulation of objects in the room, flickering of lights, and alterations in the behavior of recorded individuals when none are occurring. All SCP-1774-X-A instances are seemingly capable of communication with each other. During testing, individual instances have been shown to work in concert with one another in an attempt to falsify paranormal evidence.

All instances of SCP-1774 were used by an amateur paranormal investigation society known as "The Proof". The Proof is based out of Ohio State University, and investigates various supernatural phenomena throughout the Midwestern United States, often resorting to creating hoaxes of falsifying evidence for their web show "The Truth and The Proof". No members of the organization have any knowledge of Foundation activity, and as such, are not considered a threat.

During an investigation on a private property in Cleveland, Ohio, police arrested the entirety of The Proof on allegations of breaking and entering, trespassing and fraud. Their equipment was taken into police custody, where its anomalous properties were first noticed. A Foundation recovery team confiscated the equipment and brought it to Site 88 for study.

Test Log 1774

Test #: 1774-01
Item(s) Used: SCP-1774-01
Testing Procedure: SCP-1774-01 was turned on, and used to film a portion of the hallway at Site 88 over the course of 12 hours.
Results: SCP-1774-01-A manifested as a woman, approximately 45 years of age and wearing a Victorian era dressing gown. SCP-1774-01-A paced back and forth through the section of hallway visible on the film, disappearing and reappearing in between frames.

SCP-1774-01-A was shown walking through a research assistant on the film, causing them to momentarily convulse and vomit. This action did not occur outside of the recording. At one point, SCP-1774-01-A's face appeared directly in front of the lens, causing the observing researcher to become startled and fall out of his seat.

I swear to god, she was laughing afterwards. -Dr. Bryant.

Test #: 1774-05
Item(s) Used: SCP-1774-02, SCP-1774-07
Testing Procedures: SCP-1774-02 and SCP-1774-07 were used in concert with one another to determine if any communication could occur between the separate SCP-1774-X-A entities.
Results: SCP-1774-02 recorded several thermal anomalies, including one humanoid "cold spot" standing in the middle of the testing room. SCP-1774-07 seemingly confirmed the existence of this "cold spot", registering a drastic temperature change of 15o C. However, no temperature change was found by a normal infrared thermometer.

At several points during the test, the digital display on the SCP-1774-07 was observed to read "DIE" as opposed to the temperature reading. SCP-1774-02-A, as depicted on the film, was observed to be laughing for the duration of the test.

Test #: 1774-07
Item(s) Used: SCP-1774-04
Testing Procedures: Dr. Bryant would attempt to communicate with SCP-1774-04-A using SCP-1774-04 as a medium for communication.
Results: Dr. Bryant's attempts at conversation were met by silence for the first five minutes of testing. Following this, SCP-1774-04 let out a screech of feedback, and yelled the words "Get Out" several times in a low-pitched voice. Further attempts at communication resulted in sounds of sobbing, laughter, and the statement "I love this job."

Test #: 1774-08
Item(s) Used: SCP-1774-05, SCP-1774-01, SCP-1774-02
Testing Procedures: SCP-1774-05 was carried by Dr. Bryant around the testing chamber, allowed to swing freely. SCP-1774-01 and SCP-1774-02 recorded the room, which had several light-weight objects placed on the floor and tables around it.
Results: SCP-1774-05 spun more rapidly in certain areas of the room. In these areas, SCP-1774-01-A and SCP-1774-02-A were shown manifesting on their respective objects; however, SCP-1774-01-A could not be detected by SCP-1774-02, and vice versa.

Both SCP-1774-01-A and SCP-1774-02-A were observed to manipulate various objects around the room; at one point, SCP-1774-01-A was shown throwing a small wooden block at Dr. Bryant's head, causing him to react by ducking below it and swearing. These actions did not occur outside of the recording.

Interview Log: Agent Raymond McGee interviewed Tyler Watkins, equipment manager for The Proof and presumed creator of SCP-1774. Agent McGee was posing as a member of the Cleveland Police Department during the interview.

<Begin Log>

Watkins: What do you want to know about the investigations we did?

McGee: I've seen the tapes. They're clearly faked.

Watkins: What do you mean? Those are real ghosts on the equipment.

McGee: Look, we've talked to other paranormal guys. The thing on all your tapes? They all say that's the Haversham ghost. How is the ghost of a Victorian housewife supposed to cross state lines? (leans in to Watkins) Unless it was faked.

Watkins: (long pause)…I don't know what to tell you. None of the evidence was faked. Those ghosts were real.

McGee: Don't give me that bullshit. There's no such thing as ghosts. And given the fact that your group has conned at least five people out of money for "investigative services"…

Watkins: They're real! You wouldn't believe me if I told you what really happened, but they're real!

McGee: You're right. I wouldn't believe you. But I'll humor you.

Watkins: A lot of the stuff we did was faked, you're right about that. But Dan2 wanted more convincing ways to fake the stuff we saw. A Frisbee painted like a UFO or a gorilla costume to pose as bigfoot can only take you so far. He wanted to make it as real as possible.

McGee: While still being fake.

Watkins: The rest of the stuff we did was faked. This… was real. (leans back in his chair) I should know. I put them on there.

McGee: Which is it? Was it real or faked? Give me a straight answer, or-

Watkins: The cameras and stuff didn't technically see anything. The ghosts were in the cameras, the thermometer, the EMF detector, the freakin' divining pendulum… (shakes his head) I found this thing online where you could bind spirits to anything you wanted, make a haunted box or something. I tried it on the pendulum first, in this graveyard near Akron, and it worked. After that, I tried a new item at each location we filmed at.

McGee: (rubs his forehead and stays silent for several seconds) Let me get this straight. You tried to fake paranormal findings and in the process, proved that the paranormal existed. That sounds like the plot of a bad horror movie.

Watkins: I know exactly what it sounds like. But it's true! I could show you, but you guys impounded all of our equipment after we tried to investigate Bourbon House.

McGee: That's the only part of your story I believe so far. (shakes his head) Any other outrageous claims you want to make?

Watkins: They were really useful, actually. I swear to god, they were even having fun with it. That ghost box we had did a really good evil laugh. And as for Haversham… well, apparently she's a fan of The Exorcist. She loves doing that thing with the head spinning all the way around.

McGee: Let's say this is actually the truth. Wouldn't it have been easier to just do what every other paranormal investigator does and fake the evidence in post production?

Watkins: It wouldn't have been as fun.

<End Log>

The process used by Mr. Watkins to create SCP-1774 was removed from the internet following this interview. Due to the recent "not guilty" verdict being delivered in The Proof's trespassing case, further monitoring is to occur on the group.

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