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Item #: SCP-1771

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1771 are to be contained in a fenced off area 30 meters in radius. The border must be patrolled by Foundation personnel, and any civilian found within the contained area is to be given a Class-C amnestic before release. In manifestations that occur within a well-populated area, all properties in the fenced off area are to be purchased by a Foundation front corporation. In addition, the fence and patrols are to be substituted by walls and plainclothed guards. Any civilian claiming to have knowledge about an instance of SCP-1771 is to be given Class-A amnestic and released. Should a civilian claim to personally know an inhabitant of SCP-1771, they are to be interviewed for information before said treatment (exceptions and relevant procedure are listed in Document 1771-A1). All inhabitants of a new SCP-1771 instance are to be checked for identity and health every 3 weeks until a set schedule of each instance's residents has been established. Afterwards, each inhabitant is to be checked for both mental and physical health annually, on the first day of their appearance. All health concerns are to be promptly treated on site.

Description: SCP-1771 is a collective term for a series of houses that exhibit the same anomalous behavior. Each instance of SCP-1771 cycles through a set amount of entities that reside within the house. Residents of SCP-1771 instances appear in all tests to be human. Each inhabitant is unable to leave an area spanning 10 meters in radius around the house where they live. Each instance of SCP-1771 has its own set schedule, with residents changing on specific days of the year. At no point is there more than one inhabitant in the house at the same time apart from key transfer. This change coincides to the changing of seasons in that region. Each instance of SCP-1771 only houses a number of entities equal to the amount of seasons in its region. The appearance of each instance of SCP-1771 and their associated entities are varied, with no apparent pattern other than previously stated.

Entities that reside in SCP-1771 are universally friendly to any humanoid figure, often inviting them inside for various activities including but not limited to: cooking a meal for the 'guest', making and serving various drinks (tea, lemonade, hot chocolate, etc), watching a movie together, casual conversation, bird watching, lessons on hobbyist activities (painting, carving, etc) and shelter from weather conditions. All entities speak their respective native tongues for each region; some entities are also bi- or trilingual. Entities of each instance of SCP-1771 are aware of each other but cannot physically interact with each other. The only recorded communication between entities of the same house are written letters. There has been no recorded communication between instances of SCP-1771.

If a resident of an instance of SCP-1771 offers their house key to an outsider and the key is accepted, the outsider will take the place of the resident. Only older or sickly inhabitants offer their respective keys to humans; younger and healthier entities generally avoid the subject. The new resident does not need to be informed of SCP-1771's anomalous behavior or be aware of the significance of accepting the key. After transfer of the key is complete, the original inhabitant will disappear once it is no longer under human observation. Cameras have been able to record an original inhabitant until it walked into a closet, after which it disappeared. Once the new inhabitant has accepted the key, there will be no change to the set schedule of the instance of SCP-1771; the new inhabitant will fill the allotted time that the previous one did. Inhabitants become aware of the significance of the key upon accepting and their nature changes (if previously antisocial) to a universally friendly state. There have been only 2 replacements in Foundation custody thus far: one upon accident before this effect was discovered, the other to test how far an original resident of an instance of SCP-1771 will travel before disappearing.

Addendum 1771-01: Dr. R████'s Note

Upon routine inspection of SCP-1771-03 during fall season, Agent ██ reported finding a letter directed to a non-existent inhabitant referred to only as 'the kind man who did the redecorating'. Upon questioning the current resident, resident stated the to-be recipient of the letter 'ran out of time' and became avoidant of subject. Agent ██ was unable to acquire any further information. Letter implies an extremely arid climate unknown to any of the seasons in SCP-1771-03's region. Further research into letters found in instances of SCP-1771 requested.

Addendum 1771-02: Dr. J██████'s Note

SCP-1771-09's resident for the wet season was discovered to be severely ill, diagnosed with acute pneumonia. A medical team has been assigned to SCP-1771-09 for treatment accordingly. Illness has been slow to respond to treatment and has not been cured before the scheduled change. During treatment, resident suggested to medical staff to take their key over ████ times without success, becoming frequently distressed. Resident became increasingly obsessed with medical staff, demanding to be under 24 hour surveillance by nurse and requesting the nurse take its key over ██ times a day. It became progressively more violent, especially near the end of the season; it would regularly remove its own IV drips to run to medical staff and attempt to force them to take its key. The weather during the season was notably unpredictable and unstable before becoming more consistent after scheduled change. Further research into health effects of the instances of SCP-1771's residents on local weather requested.

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