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An instance of SCP-1762-2.

Item #: SCP-1762

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1762-1 is held in a standard containment unit at Site-██. During the periods when SCP-1762-1 releases SCP-1762-2, video logs are to be recorded for future research. Although instances of SCP-1762-2 have been deemed harmless, they should not be allowed to exit their containment unit.

Description: SCP-1762-1 is a plain, cardboard box that is 32 cm x 20 cm x 26 cm. It is spray-painted silver on the interior and exterior, and the words "HERE BE DRAGONS" are handwritten in black permanent marker on the lid of the container. Opening the lid of SCP-1762-1 when it is not in the process of a release reveals it to be empty.

SCP-1762-1 will infrequently open and initiate a release of SCP-1762-2. During this time, the box will briefly emit a large amount of black smoke that quickly dissipates; it takes an average of twenty seconds for SCP-1762-2 to emerge after the smoke clears.

SCP-1762-2 is the collective term applied to the beings that emerge from SCP-1762-1. All instances of SCP-1762-2 bear resemblance to various types of dragons, in both Eastern and Western depictions, albeit in forms similar to that of origami models. Analysis of SCP-1762-2 reveals that they are composed of Kami paper. After exiting SCP-1762-1, instances of SCP-1762-2 will fly together in large groups and interact playfully with any nearby personnel and each other.

SCP-1762-2 vary in length from nine to thirty centimeters; all are capable of sustained flight once they exit SCP-1762-1, and have been recorded attaining speeds of 15 km/h. The number of SCP-1762-2 varies with each opening of SCP-1762-1, with numbers ranging from fifty to over four hundred.

After approximately two to three hours of time spent outside of SCP-1762-1, all instances of SCP-1762-2 return and fly back into SCP-1762-1; during this time, SCP-1762-1 will once again begin emitting smoke, and instances of SCP-1762-2 will vanish after passing the rim of SCP-1762-1. SCP-1762-1 closes once all SCP-1762-2 have returned to it; the next date of release is inconsistent.

A message written or carved into a varying material will sometimes materialize on top of SCP-1762-1's lid once the box retrieves all instances of SCP-1762-2. Attempts to send a message or recording device back with SCP-1762-2 have provided negative results. These documents and their appropriate dates of appearance are being compiled and recorded.

Addendum 1762-01: On ██/██/20██, SCP-1762-1 began to undergo a series of events that lasted 11 months and 28 days; these events, as well as prior incidents that led up to the beginning of the scenario, have now been classified under the title "The Jabberwocky Event".

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