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SCP-1759 in action during WW2

Item #: SCP-1759

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1759 is to be locked in its guarded hangar at all time. Hangar is monitored remotely by Foundation operated cameras to prevent possible contact.

Description: SCP-1759 is a 1942 Douglas A-20 Havoc bomber aircraft. The craft meets standard specifications. 4 guns are mounted in the nose, 2 in the rear section, and one mounted ventrally. The interior was restored at some point before its classification as an SCP. The restoration of the "Lovely Lucy" artwork first brought the abnormal influence to Foundation attention.

Painted on the left side of the plane is a blonde figure with the text "Lovely Lucy" written below her. The aircraft flew 8 bombing missions over its three years of combat service. Across these missions, a total of 9 soldiers were killed by enemy aircraft fire. It was retired at the conclusion of the second World War with several other bombers of its class.

SCP-1759 displays its unusual effect when an individual makes contact with the "Lovely Lucy" artwork. The individual will become unresponsive for several seconds, then appear to begin weeping. After this emotional response, they will demand they be allowed to pilot the plane.

Upon entering the plane and taking the pilots seat, the affected individual displays sudden knowledge of basic takeoff and flight procedures despite lacking any previous training. The aircraft will take off from the landing strip, typically flying a total of 16 to 32 kilometers.

Video and audio monitoring have recorded the pilot entering an almost ecstatic state when in flight. After kilometer 8, their mood will become solemn and serious. Kilometer 16 tends to produce anger. 24 results in a repeat of the weeping state experienced during initial contact. Upon drawing close to kilometer 32, the subject will remove audio monitoring equipment and obscure the camera in the cockpit, stating "Lucy doesn't want this to be recorded".

Throughout all of these states, the pilot appears to be talking to themselves. They are possibly communicating with SCP-1759.

After flying the standard 32 km, the plane will engage its auto-pilot system and return to the hangar. The affected pilot has yet to return alive. Upon return, they are discovered with seemingly spontaneous wounds matching the impact of bullets.

Examination of the deceased identified them as caused by a 7.9mm caliber bullet. Typical caliber type of the Messerschmitt Me 210's MG 17 machine gun. The cause of these wounds is currently unknown.

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