Item #: SCP-1758

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1758 is to be contained in a standard Anomalous Item Containment Locker at Site-118. Every month, SCP-1758 is to be examined for damage and normal deterioration due to age. If repair is deemed necessary, maintenance personnel should contact the supervisor for SCP-1758.

All testing with SCP-1758 is to be conducted in a soundproof room. No audio recordings of any kind, including audio surveillance, are to be taken of SCP-1758.

A supply of normal carbon-fiber bows should be available at all times for testing.

Description: SCP-1758 is a violin, constructed in the late 1920's by the luthier ██████ ███████████, in the Italian city of Florence. SCP-1758 shows signs of repair, and had suffered significant damage prior to its acquisition by the Foundation.

SCP-1758's primary anomalous effect triggers whenever it is played by a human male. When SCP-1758 is played, all humans capable of hearing its sound immediately cease all actions, and begin to focus their attention on the subject playing SCP-1758, until the subject is finished.

After the subject has ceased playing SCP-1758, all individuals who heard the music will begin to loudly congratulate the subject, and declare that the subject is one of the finest violin players of all time, regardless of the subject's actual skill or the music played. This effect persists for 30 minutes after the subject has ceased playing.

SCP-1758's effects trigger regardless of the music played, or the bow used. Experiments that have replaced components of SCP-1758 have concluded that SCP-1758's effect ceases to occur on components that have been removed from SCP-1758.

SCP-1758's effect is affected by the confidence of the subject. The music produced by SCP-1758 decreases in quality the more doubtful or unhappy the subject is. Tests have shown that SCP-1758 produces optimal sound quality from subjects who are self-confident in their own ability, and are self-reported as happy and unstressed.

Addendum: The following carbon copies of letters were discovered in the home of the last known owner of SCP-1758, a violin player who hanged himself at the age of 22. They have been translated from the original Italian into English.

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