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Item #: SCP-1749

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1749-1 is contained in the Safe/Anomalous Items of Site-11. No testing of SCP-1749 has been scheduled to date. Any recovered specimens of SCP-1749-2 are to be contained in standard humanoid containment cells in Site-28. Access to specimens of SCP-1749-2 requires written permission from Site-28's director (Currently Dr. █████) or any member of the O5 council.

Description: SCP-1749-1 is an ornately-painted control pad consisting of an analog screen and a standard QWERTY keyboard. When a message is typed onto the screen of SCP-1749-1 and the "send" button is pressed, specimens of SCP-1749-2 are created in locations around the continental United States.

SCP-1749-2 are genetically identical humanoids. Every recorded instance of SCP-1749-2 to date has been a Caucasian male, between 24 and 36 years of age and approximately 2 meters tall. All specimens of SCP-1749-2 answer to the name █████ ████████, though no individuals with that name matching their description have been found in any birth records.

Upon the activation and input of a message into SCP-1749-1, numerous instances of SCP-1749-2 will materialize in populated locations around the continental United States. No more than one instance has been observed in any single location. Upon materialization, each instance of SCP-1749-2 carries with them the following items:

  • One (1) ██████ brand black business suit.
  • One (1) █████ ██████ brand pair of black dress shoes, size 46.
  • One (1) █████ brand silver wristwatch.
  • One (1) handgun, containing a fully loaded magazine. Markings on the handgun match no known manufacturer.
  • One (1) pill containing 2ml of potassium cyanide.

When all instances of SCP-1749-2 have materialized, they will immediately seek out and kill the nearest human by means of gunshot. If the instance of SCP-1749-2 is disarmed, it will attempt to bludgeon or strangle the victim to death using nearby objects or its bare hands. Immediately following the murder, the instance of SCP-1749-2 will procure and consume its cyanide pill, causing death in 99% of cases. If unable to do so, the instance of SCP-1749-2 will self-terminate with its firearm. Neither living instances nor cadavers of SCP-1749-2 have been found to contain any additional anomalous properties.

The following is a transcript of an interview with a captured SCP-1749-2 instance (designated SCP-1749-2-134) whose cyanide pill failed to activate before Foundation agents confiscated its firearm. SCP-1749-1 had been activated by the Foundation in an attempt to contain an instance of SCP-1749-2. Dr. ███ conducting interview, Dr. █████ on supervision.

Dr. ███: State your name and date of birth for the record.

SCP-1749-2-134: █████ ████████, date of birth unknown.

Dr. ███: Please explain your objectives at the time of your capture.

SCP-1749-2-134: I was sending a message.

Dr. ███: Sending a message to whom?

SCP-1749-2-134: To people. You know, doc, it's getting harder and harder to get noticed these days. Short of blowing up a building or starting a war, not much gets through to people's heads. And even if you shoot a school or build a bomb, nobody really gets what you're trying to say. They just don't get it. Too stupid. Too oblivious. What I was doing is telling people the exact message in a way that they'll really pay attention to. That's all people care about these days, all they care about is blood. So why not write in it?

Dr. ███: So the control pad was built to send messages to civilian populations?

SCP-1749-2-134: Yeah. These morons snap out of their slumber once they see the death on the map. It's the most powerful writing system on the planet. You just have to connect the dots. Oh, and one more thing.

Dr. ███: Yes?

SCP-1749-2-134: Fuck you.

At this point, SCP-1749-2-134 self-terminated by means of a secondary cyanide capsule hidden in its back molar. Investigation of other instances revealed similar capsules, though all instances questioned denied awareness of their existence.

Incident 1749-Beta: On █/█/████, a series of murders were committed in civilian population centers by individuals identical to instances of SCP-1749-2. As SCP-1749-1 was inactive at this time, it is theorized that additional models of SCP-1749-1 may exist. Foundation intelligence teams have been dispatched with the intent to recover any additional instances. Reclassification to Euclid effective █/█/████.

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