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Item #: SCP-1741

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Area-1741 has been constructed as the primary research and containment facility for SCP-1741 and is surrounded by a three meter high fence with a 300 meter radius centered around SCP-1741-A. Civilians are to be deterred under the guise of private property, and any non-Foundation personnel found within the containment zone are to be given Class C amnestics and released.

Remote surveillance via D-17412 is to be monitored at all times the equipment on D-17412's person has power. After a Wake event, personnel are to debrief D-17412 on the current situation. Exploration goals, which can be found in file 1741-ELG, are to be given at this time.

Description: SCP-1741 is the collective designation for a series of anomalies centered around an indestructible two meter tall brick shack (designated SCP-1741-A) located on the bank of the [REDACTED] river in southern Louisiana. The door of SCP-1741-A cannot be opened. The interior of SCP-1741-A is only visible when the window is opened by the humanoid (SCP-1741-C) within. When this occurs, the second anomalous property of SCP-1741-A is revealed; volume of the interior is vastly greater than the exterior appearance of the building should allow. Visible contents of SCP-1741-A resembles an establishment colloquially referred to as a soda fountain, with the window acting as a drive-thru window despite most such establishments lacking one.

SCP-1741-B are several aquatic vehicles surrounding SCP-1741-A. SCP-1741-B instances are stylized as different marine animals, all in various states of disrepair. Should instances of SCP-1741-B be removed from a eighty meter radius from SCP-1741-A, a new instance of SCP-1741-B will rise from the bottom of the river.

SCP-1741-C is a male humanoid of European descent, dressed in a zoot suit. SCP-1741-C possesses no visible anomalous anatomy, though it does not appear to require nourishment and does not age. SCP-1741-C will attempt to sell boat rides to anyone who approaches SCP-1741-A. An instance of SCP-1741-B will spontaneously self-repair for each human who purchases a ride, the price of which is three dollars. The newly repaired SCP-1741-B will drift to the riverbank until the customer boards.

Should a customer travel more than eighty meters from SCP-1741-A, the repaired SCP-1741-B will ram itself into another instance of SCP-1741-B and sink from the subsequent structural damage. Only one human is permitted per instance, and if more than one attempts to board, the SCP-1741-B will break apart. SCP-1741-C will not provide a refund for ships damaged in either of these ways.

When a customer successfully boards, SCP-1741-B will autonomously travel down the river, disappearing from visual surveillance after approximately twenty meters of movement. Remote surveillance remains active, revealing the SCP-1741-B transports the customer to an archipelago of variable number1 of islands located outside of conventional space2. Each island holds a designation of SCP-1741-#, and each exhibits a unique anomalous characteristic, available in the table below. The instance of SCP-1741-B will crash upon the shore of the newest island, and sink.

Island Anomalous characteristics Occupant, Year
SCP-1741-1 Spacetime anomalies are prevalent throughout SCP-1741-1. Source of Wake Events. No known occupant
SCP-1741-2 SCP-1741-2 is inhabited by a series of featureless humanoids. All humanoids are extremely violent, but do not possess excessive strength. Jean-Paul Dumas, a French soldier. 1801
SCP-1741-3 Airborne amnestics appear to be present in the atmosphere of SCP-1741-3. All fruit grown on SCP-1741-3 are apples, the consumption of which combats the amnestics. Arthur Smith, a Catholic priest. 1954.
SCP-1741-4 Majority of SCP-1741-4 is an expanded market filled with featureless humanoids selling and purchasing various goods using an unknown currency. This market is the only source of edible resources on SCP-1741-4. D-17411. 2003
SCP-1741-5 SCP-1741-5 contains a sapient anomaly that claims to be a god. The anomaly does not appear to have a physical form, only appearing as a large shadow cast independent of the sun's light. D-17412. 2003

A Wake Event is a large-scale spacetime anomaly centered around the archipelago. The start of a Wake Event requires an instigator to activate a device on SCP-1741-1. A Wake Event will cause the arrangement of the islands within the archipelago to be randomized. All occupants of the archipelago are instantly returned to the instance of SCP-1741-B they arrived on, with all but the instigator of the Wake Event having lost all memory of the previous "session." All SCP-1741-B will then crash onto their respective islands.

All exploration logs can be accessed by all personnel with clearance for this article; however, Exploration Logs 02-11 will be redacted from this document for the sake of brevity. These explorations were used to outline the islands' effects in the table above. During these logs, D-17412 found a brochure in his SCP-1741-B instance. This brochure encouraged readers, under the guise of being part of a tour, to visit the stone tower when the sun was directly above it.

Addendum: On 05/08/2005 the door of SCP-1741-A opened, and SCP-1741-C exited the building. The door shut without any further interaction. Foundation personnel captured SCP-1741-C, who did not resist. The window of SCP-1741-A then opened, revealing D-17411. The interior of SCP-1741-A now resembled a typical fast food restaurant, with various television sets displaying footage of the human occupants of the archipelago. D-17411 has been designated SCP-1741-C-2, the former -C designated SCP-1741-C-1. SCP-1741-C-2 declined explaining how it entered SCP-1741-A. It then offered to sell the questioning agent a boat ride.

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