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Item #: SCP-1739

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1739 is contained in Containment Sector ██, located in Site-██. Experimentation plans regarding SCP-1739 must first be forwarded to the O5 Council for approval. Containment Sector ██ is to be constantly monitored. In the event that any individuals spontaneously appear within Containment Sector ██, the O5 Council is to be immediately notified.

Containment of SCP-1739’s primary anomalous effects is executed under Operation Smokescreen. The overseeing Level 4 researcher has primary authority over Operation Smokescreen and reports directly to the O5 Council. The details of Operation Smokescreen are classified to the overseeing researcher and the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-1739 is a Dell Latitude D800 laptop. SCP-1739 has proven impervious to all attempts at destruction. An executable file named "gofetch.exe" is located on SCP-1739’s hard drive. Executing "gofetch.exe" opens three windowed applications. The first window contains an input field requesting date and time in UNIX time stamp format. Only dates between January 1st, 2004, 00:01:18 GMT and current time at the time of input are accepted, with all others resulting in an error message. Subjects who enter a number within the correct range will disappear.

The second window appears to be a client application for an unknown chat protocol. Users are automatically given the handle "BranchPrime." After subjects disappear, the chat client can be used to communicate with individuals given handles that are variations of the name "Isaac". These individuals claim to be Foundation personnel existing in a divergent timeline created by the disappeared subject's temporal relocation to the destination determined by the input UNIX time stamp. The divergent timeline is reported to have been identical to this timeline in all respects until the spontaneous appearance of experimental subjects. If such claims are true, SCP-1739 is capable of transporting subjects backwards in time as far back as January 1st, 2004.

The third window is a computer-generated animation of a dog chained to a doghouse. If a number is successfully entered, the animation changes to display a woman unleashing the dog and throwing a ball into the distance. The dog then runs off-screen after the ball.

After a time period ranging from three days to seven months, the "Isaac" handle disconnects from the chat. At this point in time, the animation changes once more to display the dog running back, with the deflated remains of the ball between its teeth. The dog discards the remains, which fly off-screen, while the woman chains the dog back to the doghouse.

On January 1st, 2004, SCP-1739 spontaneously appeared in containment in Containment Sector ██, which was previously vacant.

Addendum-1739A: Operation Smokescreen is underway to prevent SCP-1739 from depositing travelers from the future. Research regarding SCP-1739's primary focus is to contribute to these efforts. Furthermore, the O5 Council has indefinitely banned any experimentation with SCP-1739 that involves sending travelers to the past.

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