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Item #: SCP-1736

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1736-1 is to be sedated and kept in a radiation-shielded containment cell. SCP-1736-1 must be kept restrained at all times, and nutrition and hydration shall be administered intravenously. No lights shall be permitted in SCP-1736-1’s containment chamber, and the chamber’s shielding shall be reviewed periodically to insure the minimum penetration of other EM radiation outside the visible spectrum. Vital signs of SCP-1736-1 shall be monitored continually, and any life-threatening change in SCP-1736-1’s vital signs shall initiate a site-wide Code-1736-Orange Alert until such time as SCP-1736-1 is stabilized or expires. The expiration of SCP-1736-1 shall initiate a Foundation-wide Code-1736-Scarlet Alert until such time as SCP-1736-1 is again contained. Currently only one instance of SCP-1736-1 is known to exist at any given time. Discovery of any other SCP-1736-1 outside of containment will institute a Foundation-wide Code-1736-Black Alert, and all resources practicable shall be diverted to the immediate capture and containment of all known instances of SCP-1736-1.

Instances of SCP-1736-2 are to be kept in standard secure humanoid containment cells provided with continual monitoring of ionizing radiation levels. At no time should instances of SCP-1736-2 be brought within 200m of SCP-1736-1. SCP-1736-2s that are identified and not contained shall be terminated without exception. All SCP-1736-2 in containment shall be sedated and restrained during any Code 1736 Alerts, for the duration of the alert. Any SCP-1736-2 that demonstrates a marked increase in the emission of ionizing radiation shall be redesignated SCP-1736-1 and moved immediately to the appropriate containment facility as specified above.

Description: SCP-1736-1 and SCP-1736-2 designate two classes of human beings who share related and/or complementary anomalous beliefs, behaviors and properties.

All instances of SCP-1736-1 and SCP-1736-2 share a common religion that bears strong similarities to [REDACTED]. SCP-1736-1 fulfills the role of a shaman or priest in this common religion whereas instances of SCP-1736-2 fulfills the role of followers or acolytes. The theological beliefs that comprise this religion feature a messianic deity that its followers call upon to return and bring the universe out of darkness and ignorance. This deity is most often referred to as [REDACTED] or [REDACTED]. SCP-1736-1 will often give sermons in the "voice" of this deity. Transcriptions of these events often appear semantically nonsensical, but SCP-1736-2 will accept any such pronouncements of SCP-1736-1 as literal gospel and incorporate them into the general belief system. This appears true of all SCP-1736-2 simultaneously, regardless of their contact with SCP-1736-1 or each other. When SCP-1736-1 does this, SCP-1736-1 emits dangerously high levels of ionizing radiation, measured as high as [REDACTED] death within 48 to 72 hours for a typical human subject.1 This hazard does not apply to SCP-1736-2, who appear to be able to withstand arbitrary doses of radiation without suffering any adverse effects.

Outside containment, SCP-1736-1 and SCP-1736-2 will periodically congregate in public spaces such as parks, street corners, parking lots, shopping malls and other such venues. Once congregated, SCP-1736-1 will begin preaching to SCP-1736-2. During such an event, approximately 20% of SCP-1736-2 in attendance will attempt to persuade passers-by to come and listen to SCP-1736-1 using language such as, “Come, He brings enlightenment,” “He is here to lead us away from the darkness,” and [REDACTED]. An estimated 25% of non-SCP-1736-2 attendees of such a sermon will convert and become an instance of SCP-1736-2 themselves. The remaining audience will suffer from radiation sickness and a typical 50% mortality rate over the initial month, increasing to 90% over the next █ years.

Upon the death of SCP-1736-1, some other, apparently random, instance of SCP-1736-2 will emit a short burst of radiation and thereafter fulfill the role of SCP-1736-1. As of this time there are estimates that between █ and ██ SCP-1736-2 remain uncontained and at large.

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