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Item #: SCP-1731

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1731 and SCP-1731-1 are to be kept in Containment Locker #324 at Site 23. Until the object's effects can be fully understood and activated, all testing with the object is to be done in Testing Area #255 outside of Site 23 by D-Class personnel. Procedure 701-Raenire is to be attempted and fully revealed in order to discover the full anomalous nature of SCP-1731.

SCP-1731 and SCP-1731-1 are to be kept in Containment Locker #324 at Site 23. Further testing on SCP-1731 has been deemed unnecessary.

Description: SCP-1731 is a ███████ brand refrigerator. The object has been colored red with spray paint and has a variety of objects attached to its outer surface, including 17 cellphones of various makes and brands, the skeletal remains of several species of mammals, and an unidentified human foot. The object displays no anomalous properties unless Procedure 701-Raenire is completed. Otherwise, it functions as a non-anomalous refrigerator of the same brand when connected to a power source.

SCP-1731-1 is a series of three handwritten documents detailing the procedure required to activate SCP-1731's anomalous effects, hereby designated Procedure 701-Raenire. The text of SCP-1731-1 is incomplete and damaged; as such, testing is going on currently in order to discover the complete process behind Procedure 701-Raenire. The entirety of the contents of SCP-1731-1 have been revealed through Foundation experimentation. See Addendum SCP-1731-Alpha for excerpts from the SCP-1731-1 documents.


1. Draw a perfect circle with a diameter of exactly 46.345m in the middle of a barren patch of farmland around the fridge and write the words, "Je ne suis pas mort" anywhere within it. From now on, the circle will light up whenever you successfully complete the next step to let you know you can continue.
2. Make a man with dirty blonde hair and no left hand stand in the middle of the circle.
3. Make the man drink th[UNREADABLE]il he can't anymore.

42. Take seven roses, douse them in gasoline, set them aflame with a fire used to burn gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
43. Find a Ma[UNREADABLE]sary thrice.
43. Stick six plastic forks into the ground in the shape of a hexagram.
44. Discern the correct step #43. Read it aloud.

63. Kic[UNREADABLE] while pun[UNREADABLE]ctus.

97. Spread the ashes of the plant from Step #42 in the upper compartment of the fridge.
98. [UNREADABLE] with the spear.
99. Recreate Lazarus and kill a man.
100. Revel in the glory of completion.

Discovery Log: SCP-1731 was discovered in the desert outside of █████, NV on 01/01/2007 after the Foundation heard reports of a group conducting a "fridge ritual" in the area. The group (which membered approximately 100 people) was discovered during the apparent completion of Procedure 701-Raenire, during which the object began opening and closing its doors rapidly and emanating red lights. At the time, members of the group were resisting police officers from intervening in the procedure through assorted means; however, upon the arrival of Foundation MTF-Lambda-13 (aka "Occults of Personality") members of the group reportedly dismantled various structures of the ritual, which caused the cessation of SCP-1731's active phase, and surrendered. All members were interrogated by Foundation personnel and searched. All information gained from interrogations was inconclusive and often contradictory. SCP-1731-1 was confiscated from one of the members. All members were administered Class-A amnestics and monitored for three months for signs of further involvement with anomalous groups.

Addendum-1731-Beta: Extensive testing has begun to discover the anomalous nature of SCP-1731 and the complete process behind Procedure 701-Raenire. As stated in Step #1 of SCP-1731-1, the drawn circle emanates white light for three seconds upon the successful completion of a step detailed in the documents. A timeline has been established of notable events occurring during the experimentation of SCP-1731.
Date Notable Event
02/01/2007: Experimentation begins.
15/02/2007: First accidental death. Personnel are to handle [REDACTED] with greater care in the future, no matter the apparent condition of the animal.
13/05/2007: First personnel presumed dead due to spatial anomaly.
27/06/2007: First researcher death. Foundation staff are hereby prohibited from entering within 10m of the testing area during experimentation. It is to be noted that staff successfully reached Step #50 today.
14/09/2007: Subject resembling D-86753 appeared in the testing area, claiming to have been testing with SCP-1731 as of 08/10/2007. Subject has been detained by the Foundation until further notice at Site 46. As of 09/10/2007, D-86753 has been returned to Site 23.
08/10/2007: D-86753 was lost during testing.
01/01/2008: See Addendum-1731-Omega.

Addendum-1731-Omega-01: On 01/01/2008, Procedure 701-Raenire was successfully completed. As observed upon discovery of the object, SCP-1731 began rapidly opening and closing its doors and emanating red light. This continued for approximately two minutes, at which point the object ceased movement. The object's doors were closed and a high-pitched noise began. A large, amorphous entity began emerging from SCP-1731 while loudly vocalizing in an unknown language. Upon the entity's appearance, all electronic devices within 100m of SCP-1731 experienced heavy distortion and interference. Personnel who observed the affected devices immediately displayed violent tendencies towards other personnel on-site. Personnel standing within the circle drawn in Step #1 of Procedure 701-Raenire lay face-up on the ground and chanted in a language resembling the one exhibited by the emerging entity. Approximately three (3) minutes after the entity's appearance, part of it knocked over the structure built for Step #54, which lead to the cessation of all anomalous activity and the demanifestation of the entity.

Addendum-1731-Omega-02: Procedure 701-Raenire was repeated. Events identical to those that occurred in Addendum-1731-Omega-01 transpired, except that the entity's form smudged the symbols drawn during Step #17 of Procedure 701-Raenire, which caused the cessation of anomalous activity and the demanifestation of the entity.

Addendum-1731-Omega-074: Procedure 701-Raenire was repeated. Events identical to those that occurred in Addendum-1731-Omega-01 transpired, except that the entity's growth caused SCP-1731 to fall over, leading to the cessation of anomalous activity and the demanifestation of the entity.

Site Director's Note: After repeated successful attempts at completing Procedure 701-Raenire with all attempts yielding practically identical results, testing of SCP-1731 and SCP-1731-1 has been stopped indefinitely. -Site Director Langley

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