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Item #: SCP-1728

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1728 is to be bound with wound polyurethane fibers to a steel table 1 meter by 2 meters in area. The table is to be contained within a sealed refrigeration unit, which is to be kept at a constant 0° C — standard temperature monitoring applies. Communication with SCP-1728 is to be conducted by one researcher at a time inside the refrigeration unit with the temperature raised to 10° C and one of SCP-1728's arms unrestrained. The door must be sealed before communication begins and unsealed only after the restraints have been replaced.

SCP-1728-1 is to be kept in a polyurethane-lined box measuring 30cm X 10cm X 5cm and stored in anomalous weapons containment. SCP-1728 is not to be made aware of SCP-1728-1's location.

Description: SCP-1728 is a humanoid entity 1.5 meters in height and 57kg in weight. While otherwise human in form, the entity lacks a head — its neck ends in a cauterized stump approximately halfway through the larynx. Despite this, the entity is capable of functioning with normal human-like capacity and has no apparent sensory, motor, or metabolic difficulties. It cannot speak, but it is capable of writing. Subject has a grasp of the English language similar to that of a child of 8-10 years of age, and its intelligence shows likewise.

SCP-1728 continuously exudes a substance chemically identical to unsalted dairy butter from the surface of its body. Because of this, the entity has an extremely low coefficient of friction. Removing the butter results in more being exuded to replace it. The butter generally remains closely adherent to SCP-1728's body, but rubs off on anything the entity touches. The butter has no anomalous properties when separated from the entity. Instead of fingernails, SCP-1728 has hollow points of bone that protrude from the ends of its fingers. It can channel butter through these bones to use them as pens or low-pressure jets.

SCP-1728's only article of clothing is a pair of short burlap pants strapped over its shoulders with suspenders made of twine. Any other clothing slides off its body or becomes so damp as to be effectively useless.

SCP-1728-1 is a 22cm-long steel knife with a handle made of cast-iron. SCP-1728 cannot easily hold onto any item other than SCP-1728-1.

SCP-1728 actively resists containment. The entity is capable of slipping out of most forms of restraints, and will attempt to escape given any chance. It uses the butter it exudes to its advantage, sliding across nearly any surface at speeds of up to 34kph and leaving tracks of butter behind it. Its current goal appears to be to retrieve SCP-1728-1 from containment. SCP-1728 is difficult to hold onto or stop from moving; however, sufficient heat loss can cause it to mostly solidify, preventing escape. Additionally, polyurethane has shown to be capable of restraining it.

Interview Log SCP-1728-01

Interviewed: SCP-1728

Interviewer: Dr. Tane

Foreword: In the following interview, SCP-1728 was asked questions verbally and allowed enough freedom of movement with one arm to write its answers down on black paper. All answers are transcribed verbatim. Interview took place in SCP-1728's containment chamber.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Tane: SCP-1728, can you hear me?

(nine seconds elapse)

SCP-1728: yesir jus fine

Dr. Tane: I'm Dr. Tane, SCP-1728. Do you know why you're here?

(fifteen seconds elapse)

SCP-1728: cos, i stabed a lady

Dr. Tane: …The Foundation recovered you in the ████████ forest. You were inside a tree.

(twenty-eight seconds elapse)

SCP-1728: she wodnt giv up her baag . her hors wos mad.

Dr. Tane: And this led to being inside the tree?

(twelve seconds elapse)

SCP-1728: i had to supert m mumy

Dr. Tane: SCP-1728, are you aware of your condition?

(eleven seconds elapse)

SCP-1728: m wot conishon?

Dr. Tane: Well, you don't have—

(SCP-1728 begins writing immediately)

SCP-1728: o, i got no haed n im all slipy yeh thatt

Dr. Tane: How long have you been like this?

(thirty-five seconds elapse)

SCP-1728: somtime, ladys don like getin stabed . soemtime, ladis are agry witxs

(SCP-1728 pauses briefly as though reviewing the sentence, then continues. Nineteen seconds elapse)

SCP-1728: im a melkmaids sonn , i tern to buter

Dr. Tane: …Thank you, SCP-1728, that will be all.

(SCP-1728 begins writing quickly)

SCP-1728: wehn can i hav my knive back i wann my knive its mine

Dr. Tane: Not now, SCP-1728.

(SCP-1728 struggles in its restraints. Its other arm begins to slide out)

Dr. Tane: (calling to the observing staff) Chill it!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The refrigeration system was turned back on. SCP-1728 solidified shortly afterwards and was manually molded back into its restraints.

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