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Item #: SCP-1725

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1725 is to be held in a Safe Containment cell, located at Site-77's Safe SCP division. This locker is to be secured with an electronic locking system. Any persons affected by SCP-1725 who are found outside of containment are to be held and questioned about possible involvement with the group of interest Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd, followed by the administration of a Class-B amnestic.

Description: SCP-1725 is an ornate brass box, with an area of approximately 4x3x3 meters. SCP-1725 has a panel attached to its left side, with a dial that can adjust to nine different settings. There is also a terminal, which only activates when the dial is set to '9'. SCP-1725 does not require any outside power source to function, and does not produce any type of waste. The words "Marshall Carter and Dark Ltd" have been embossed onto the bottom of SCP-1725, and onto the top of the control panel.

Any persons who enter SCP-1725 are subject to its anomalous effect. Any person within SCP-1725 when the dial is changed will have one of nine physical mutations applied to them. These mutations correspond with the options on SCP-1725's control panel. The mutations are designed in such a way that they cause the persons body to mimic popular fashion accessories such as earrings and high heels. For a complete list of possible SCP-1725 mutations, please see Addendum 1725-A.

SCP-1725 was recovered on ██/██/1989, from an auction being held in █████, GA. It is believed that this auction had been set up by the group of interest Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. During the raid on this auction, SCP-1725 was recovered, along with approximately 54 other items. Testing revealed that SCP-1725 was the only anomalous item that had been secured as a result of this raid, and it was classified as Safe on ██/██/1992. This auction card was recovered with SCP-1725:

Just imagine, having the most fashionable servants amongst anyone in your social circle. Seeing them writhe in jealousy as a servant who is always up with the latest trends comes up and serves you the finest foods and drinks. But keeping all of your staff up with the times can be expensive. With this lovely piece, you can be the one who has all the gentlemans clubs abuzz. They will say your employees have the elegance and poise that no other can match. And it can be all yours, for a price of only £950000. And if the staff ever start getting uppity about their predicament…give them some time with option nine.

Addendum 1725-A: Log of physical mutations resulting from SCP-1725.

Setting One "Hoops-Earrings" The person will begin to grow large circular holes in their ears. These circular areas will grow muscular tissue in order to keep the circular shape.
Setting Two "Heels" Affected persons will grow large bone protrusions from their heels, with additional scar tissue growing to cover it. This growth is both rapid and extremely painful. These protrusions can cause extreme defects to the person's existing bone structure due to the stress caused by the sudden additional bone growth.
Setting Three "Dangle-Earrings" Persons will develop large growths from each ear, and will develop smooth colorful growths. These growths will occasionally become fused to other portions of the body such as the shoulder, neck, face, and chest, depending on the size of the growths.
Setting Four "Horned Glasses" Persons will grow large bone protrusions around the eyes, resembling horn-rimmed spectacles. These new growths are extremely sensitive, and are easily damaged. In addition, there is a 16% chance of the new growths becoming fused to the eyes or eyelids.
Setting Five "Wings" Persons will grow large bone and sinew structures on their backs, superficially resembling nonfunctional butterfly wings. These 'wings' are extremely fragile, and subjects are highly sensitive towards them. Subjects do not display any amount of control over these 'wings'.
Setting Six "Beauty" Persons will appear to grow porcelain-like covering over their skin. This covering has an appearance similar to marble, and is extremely fragile. Due to the fact that there are no openings for the subject's nose or mouth, holes must be cut in this covering or else subjects will suffocate. In addition, large muscles will appear to grow on the subject. However, these new growths are actually a thin layer of skin stretched over a fluid filled cyst.
Setting Seven "Fantasy" Persons will grow large, sharp bone protrusions from their ears, and will gain massive restructuring of the face and body. Persons affected in this way will often have difficulty with locomotion and speech.
Setting Eight "Random" A combination of all previous options. Note that this option is highly unpredictable, and will often cause random and unwanted defects such as burns, severe damage to any cartilage tissue, gross distortion of the limbs and face, impotency, and death.
Setting Nine "Punish." The operator of the device will be given complete control of the composition of the person within SCP-1725 via a command terminal. Any changes made to the subject's body will be extremely painful to the subject, and can lead to their death. Changes can be reverted at the operator's choice.1
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