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Item #: SCP-1721

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-1721 are to be kept in a foam-lined case to prevent unsupervised motion. This case has been placed in a standard safe-class storage locker located in Site-19.

All text produced during individual instance testing must be logged in the SCP-1721 transcript file, while all Cole Process outputs are to be logged in high security transcript file SCP-1721-A.

Procedural Revision C97-2: In order to prevent further spontaneous declassification of sensitive material, researchers are henceforth barred from conducting any experiments on multiple instances of SCP-1721 simultaneously. All Cole Process research is suspended until further notice and under no circumstances is SCP-1721 to be united outside of containment.

Description: SCP-1721 is a collection of three spinning tops recovered by Agent W███████ from a Seattle street magician in 1973. When spun on any receptive surface, SCP-1721 begins to inscribe anomalous messages in black ink. SCP-1721 has not repeated itself in two hundred and thirty-seven separate testing sessions which have produced more than three hundred thousand lines of text.

All three instances (SCP-1721-1, -2, and -3) will spin indefinitely until deliberately stopped. Known instances each demonstrate their own specific style and subject matter consistent across multiple testing sessions.

Additional Effects: When three (or possibly more) instances are spun in close proximity, SCP-1721 carries out what Dr. J█████ has labeled the “Cole Process.” During phenomenon manifestation the tops cease their previously identified behavior and coordinate in producing a wide variety of artifacts. These artifacts are not limited to text, and include technical schematics and drawn illustrations. Textual Cole outputs have included works of fiction as well as non-fictional documents such as phone bills and birth certificates belonging to [REDACTED] and other Foundation personnel.

Such texts have ranged from a sketch of Dr. J█████ standing before his house, the complete genome of a previously unknown species of bird, to a list of instructions for bypassing the Secret Service and assassinating Vice-President Spiro Agnew.

Existing data on the Cole Process is insufficient to identify any particular patterns in SCP-1721 outputs. In distinct contrast to the solitary function of SCP-1721-3, these instructions have proved largely accurate when followed. All Process outputs are to be considered Level 3 Restricted Access Material under the relevant RAISA guidelines. See Cole Testing Logs for further information.

The mechanics of the process—how SCP-1721 selects a subject and the source of its knowledge, etc., etc., remain unknown and Dr. J█████ recommends further testing of this behavior.

Incident Cole-089: SCP-1721 produced what purported to be transcripts of sexually-explicit telephone calls between Junior Researcher U█████ and the wife of Site Supervisor K████████ during a testing session overseen by both individuals. During the resulting altercation, testing was disrupted and several SCP outputs were damaged. Research staff are advised that SCP-1721 outputs may be emotionally sensitive but that this does not justify unprofessional behavior during testing.

Incident Cole-097: SCP-1721 began work on a lengthy publication entitled “On the Breach of Containment” which explored in great detail various [DATA EXPUNGED] and the means of disrupting them, particularly those concerning SCP-███. Dr. J█████ declared an emergency halt in testing and destroyed the ██████-█████ (██) pages of already-completed material. Henceforth the Cole Process is to be regarded as an unacceptable threat to site security and all such testing has been suspended. Please refer to Procedural Revision C97-2 for updated containment procedures.

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