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Item #: SCP-1719

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Examples of SCP-1719 may be stored under the standard security protocols for Safe objects. SCP-1719 has been tested extensively and exposure to it is considered physically harmless.

SCP-1719-1 specimens among the general population are not currently to be contacted, contained or terminated, pending further research into the cause and nature of the anomaly.

Site-57 has been designated the central location for SCP-1719 research. All current and incoming Foundation personnel are to be tested using SCP-1719, under the guise of standard medical screening. Examples of SCP-1719-1 found among D-Class personnel are to be designated exclusively for use in experiments on SCP-1719. Non-D-Class Foundation personnel found to be SCP-1719-1 specimens will be quarantined indefinitely via reassignment to limited duty at Site-57. The nature of SCP-1719-1 anomalies is not to be disclosed to any Foundation personnel, other than:

  • Researchers of SCP-1719
  • The O5 Committee
  • The Foundation Ethics Committee

Knowledge suppression among the general population is the current major containment issue for SCP-1719. To minimize unauthorized knowledge of SCP-1719:

  • The patent for SCP-1719 has been purchased by a Foundation front (Spectacular Cinematic Productions) and publicly accessible versions replaced with a non-anomalous variant.
  • The inventors of SCP-1719 have been interrogated and administered Class Omega amnestics.
  • Class 1 monitoring of worldwide communications data for mention of SCP-1719, its effects, and means of production will continue indefinitely.

Unauthorized knowledge of SCP-1719 is to be responded to with deletion/alteration of data, disinformation campaigns, and administration of amnestics when feasible.

The Foundation estimates that public knowledge of SCP-1719 has declined by 92% since these procedures were implemented in 2006. The primary distributor of SCP-1719, The First Visionary Church of the Revelation, is considered neutralized. Rumors of organized groups of SCP-1719-1 specimens are currently unsubstantiated.

Description: SCP-1719 is an optical device commonly known (after its inventors) as a Harrison-Grey lens. When viewed through SCP-1719, a significant number of humans (designated SCP-1719-1) exhibit an anomalous appearance (the Harrison-Grey effect), displaying a variety of non-human features. SCP-1719-1 specimens appear to be a heterogeneous combination of three or more species, including annelid, cetacean, procyonid, cnidarian, and cervine, arranged in a generally humanoid form. Many exhibit additional features unknown among terrestrial life.

The Foundation has conducted extensive research into the nature of the Harrison-Grey effect and the presence, distribution, and activities of SCP-1719-1 among the general public.

Summary of Research on SCP-1719 and the Harrison-Grey effect

  • Approximately 11.4% of the human population exhibits the Harrison-Grey effect i.e. is an example of SCP-1719-1.
  • Affected individuals exhibit the anomaly from birth, and it does not appear to be contagious. The prevailing theory is that the effect is due to an unidentified recessive genetic trait.
  • There is no apparent correlation between SCP-1719-1 specimens and SCP-1237-1-positive individuals.
  • Examples of SCP-1719-1 maintain consistent appearance to those who can perceive the anomaly.
  • SCP-1719-1 specimens do not perceive the anomalous effect of SCP-1719, and consistently claim that they are not anomalous in any way. Non-researchers aware of the claimed effect (primarily D-Class, and individuals harassed by The First Visionary Church of the Revelation) insist it is some form of hoax, illusion, prejudice, or insanity on the part of those who perceive it.
  • The effect is evenly distributed worldwide, with the notable exception of the population of █████ █████, which is approximately 92% SCP-1719-1. To achieve such widespread distribution by non-anomalous means, the effect would need to have been present in the human population for over █████ years.
  • The effect does not appear to correspond to race, sex, or any obvious genetic trait (hair/eye/skin color, blood type, etc.).
  • The effect does not correspond to any identifiable socio-economic or cultural factors. There is no explicit evidence that SCP-1719-1 specimens are congregating unusually, collectively engaging in suspicious activities, or in any way perceive each other as different from the general population.
  • Approximately 45% of humanoid subjects held by the Foundation exhibiting other anomalies are, in addition, SCP-1719-1 specimens. For a complete list, see Document SCP-1719-B17. The significance of this is unknown, and no changes to current containment procedures should be made.
  • SCP-1972-A appears to be a normal human when viewed through SCP-1719. The significance of this is, again, unclear.

It is currently unknown if the Harrison-Grey effect is a harmless optical anomaly, or has identified a significant threat among the general population. Due to the non-zero likelihood of an XK-Class event, determination of this is a Class 1 research priority. In the event that the presence of SCP-1719-1 within the general population becomes a confirmed threat, the Foundation Ethics Committee has approved reclassifying SCP-1719 as Keter, and implementing Procedure Z-1719-T as a joint Foundation/Global Occult Coalition operation.

Addendum 1: Recovered material from The First Visionary Church of the Revelation:

We are the ones who See the truth: The Demons of old are not in Hell, but walk among us at this very moment! They do not rule yet, but have infiltrated our society from top to bottom. They pretend not to know their own nature, but they are the supreme Liars. When their Masters return, the Great Conspiracy shall be known, and we will be their cattle.
Be tested! Know that you are not one of them and join Us.
They will be Exposed!
They will be destroyed!
We must rise up, before their Masters return.

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