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Item #: SCP-1713

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immobile nature of SCP-1713, Site-71 has been constructed in order to contain the object, and to provide a proper processing unit for any materials entering into SCP-1713, or any objects that SCP-1713 may create. Any objects that are created must be inspected by containment staff. No personnel are to enter the core for any reason - any exploration will be performed by remote control robot. Any objects transported out of Site-71 must be cleared by at least three Level-3 personnel. Under no circumstances should personnel be on level eleven. All personnel must wear dosimeter tags while within SCP-1713.

In the event of automatic start-up, all personnel are to immediately evacuate from levels six through twelve, while remaining out of the way of active machinery. Containment teams are to immediately report to the surface to receive any objects produced by the SCP.

Description: SCP-1713 is a large underground factory complex that is constructed primarily of brick, steel and glass. This factory is dedicated to the construction of 18th century goods. Inside the complex is a variety of machines that are clockwork-based; these make up part of a large factory construction line. Disassembly of the industrial machines reveal complex assemblies, including gear trains, unseen types of transmission, and large steel timing chains. Chemical testing of the machines reveals the components to be composed of mostly iron (>95%), with the remaining elements composing of traces of carbon, manganese, chromium, nickel and tungsten. No abnormal properties have been observed with the machine parts.

SCP-1713 is divided into 12 levels, with each level connected by elevators and large transport tubes. Ladders, crawl ways, stairwells and suspended catwalks allow for human access into the structure. All levels are connected by a large shaft which routes electricity, water, communication wires and pipes throughout the entire complex. Inside each level is a series of iron chain conveyor belts and tracks for autonomous machines to follow. The complex has been divided into the following:

Machines found at various levels include:

In addition to the machines found throughout the facility, various automatons have been observed to work throughout the facility. These machines (with the exception of the machines on level twelve) are based off Babbage-style engines, and are charged periodically by connecting to electrified poles through the levels. Disassembly of a specimen reveals that the machine recharges through electrostatic contact with the poles, and retain the charge through a basic parallel plate capacitor. These automata are made of a similar alloy to the larger, stationary machines. Small automatons rely on fluid or cable-based computers for their instructions, while larger automatons use mechanical computers. The following is a list of observed robots and their functions:

NOTE: SCP-1713 is creating new robots in response to containment. All staff must refer to Addendum 1713-02 for further instructions.

These lists are by no means exhaustive - research staff are still cataloguing machines and automatons that are discovered.

The core of SCP-1713 is located at the second-lowest level of the complex, and is surrounded by blast doors constructed of a combination of lead plating, iron plating and cadmium plating. Inside the core structure is a reactor bank, composed of 18 glass cylinders arranged on an icosahedral steel object, that is attached by 3-meter thick poles to the floor and ceiling of the room. Pipes filled with a water-like fluid are connected to the suspended cylinders, and are believed to act as a cooling system. The radiation dosage at the core icosahedral structure has been measured in excess of 50 sieverts/hour, making human exploration of the floor extremely dangerous. The radiation from this level extends throughout the facility, though the highest radiation levels are located exclusively on level eleven.

The lowest level of SCP-1713 is composed of small workshops, which appear to have been used to model machines for the main lines, as well as provide models for the machines to produce. On this level, a storage unit has also been located, and completed models have been located in this storage unit. Objects include toys, weapons, personal vehicles, animals and implants. A list of items obtained from level twelve can be found in Addendum 1713-01.

The robots from the lowest level are designed with insect-like appendages for manipulating machines and tools. The distinguishing feature of these robots is that, in the core of each robot, there appears to be a human brain. None of these robots have been disassembled as of this writing. It is assumed that the robots are sentient, but are designed to do nothing but to design. Attempts to communicate with these robots produces no response.

SCP-1713 was discovered located on the island of [REDACTED] within the Pacific Ocean in 1999. Archaeologists exploring the area accidentally came upon the surface building, and brought up some of the materials from the storage units. When the Foundation was alerted to the presence of the SCP, a research team was sent in to contain the object. Upon discovering the actual size of the object, it was decided that Site-71 would be set-up in order to experiment with and take advantage of the SCP.

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