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Item #: SCP-1705

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1705 and SCP-1705-A are to be kept in Containment Lockers #115 through #246 at Site 23. Assembly of and direct contact with SCP-1705 and SCP-1705-B is restricted to D-Class personnel and must be presided over by two Level 3 personnel at all times. All instances of SCP-1705-A are to be photographed and filed appropriately in Cabinet #533 of the Records Room of Site 23. Personnel are to refer to the photographs of SCP-1705-A for reference in testing rather than the tablets themselves if possible.

Description: SCP-1705 is a collection of 2,507 bones of various origin and composition. Many instances of SCP-1705 are identical in shape and size. All instances have been physically altered with notches and protrusions for the apparent purpose of accommodating separate instances of SCP-1705.

These bones can be assembled in a variety of ways by following diagramming that is etched onto instances of SCP-1705-A. When assembled according to the diagrams, SCP-1705 instances will begin to rapidly produce tissues that act to create usable tools, machines, and inventions, forming an instance of SCP-1705-B.1 Foundation-produced materials attempting to imitate SCP-1705 have had no effect when assembled in a manner consistent with instances of SCP-1705.

SCP-1705-A is a series of stone tablets diagramming pictorial instructions on assembling SCP-1705. The tablets depict instances of SCP-1705 of particular shape, without marks that could be used to identify a specific bone; as such, any instance of SCP-1705 matching the depiction can be substituted into the design. There are currently 142 1072 instances of SCP-1705-A contained by the Foundation. Instances of SCP-1705-A are not inherently anomalous.

SCP-1705-B-001 through SCP-1705-B-142 refer to the constructs created by assembling SCP-1705 instances correctly according to an SCP-1705-A instance. All instances are composed of tissues normally found in terrestrial fauna.3 All modifications done to an instance of SCP-1705-B constructed using a specific subset of SCP-1705 appear to remain over time and do not change after repeated disassemblies and reconstruction. Such examples of this include damage to an iteration of SCP-1705, graffiti, and bodily fluids.

SCP-1705 and SCP-1705-A were recovered on 14/06/2000 at at 39.7████ N. 11.5████ E by Mobile Task Force Sigma-5 (aka "Sinkronized Swimmers") in the Mediterranean Sea. All objects were found on the seabed, with approximately 350 instances of SCP-1705 and 250 instances of SCP-1705-A deemed unusable or illegible. Ruins resembling structures similar to those of the first century Roman Empire were prevalent at the site of recovery, but deemed irretrievable. Among the debris found at the location were numerous excerpts of writing in a currently unknown language. Foundation linguistics experts are currently working on translation. The Foundation currently speculates that an ancient civilization originally native to the area of discovery constructed and utilized all known instances of SCP-1705.

Test Log-1705-Upsilon: The following is an amended testing log of the various forms of SCP-1705-B constructed by following the diagramming on SCP-1705-A instances.

SCP-1705-B Apparent Function of Results Researcher Notes
SCP-1705-B-054 Fountain The anomaly produces a currently unknown liquid continually at a rate of 4L per minute, which is collected in a basin that is able to hold approximately 12L of liquid at a time. The liquid has been revealed to be highly addictive and toxic.
SCP-1705-B-071 Unknown Incendiary device Given the apparent superficial similarities of SCP-1705-B-071 through SCP-1705-B-088, testing will be done to discover the function of all three. SCP-1705-071 has been determined to be an incendiary explosive. Due to the greater proportion of the materials of these instances in comparison to the remainder of SCP-1705, the Foundation has deduced that SCP-1705-B-071 through SCP-1705-B-088 were originally designed to be easy to make and readily replaceable. SCP-1705-B-071 is activated by noises louder than 90 dB. When exposed to such conditions, SCP-1705-B-071 ignites for approximately 7 seconds, then explodes, often destroying its composite materials in the process. Usage of an instance SCP-1705-B-071 typically damages the instances of SCP-1705 that comprise, rendering those bones and that instance of SCP-1705-B-071 unusable.
SCP-1705-B-090 Communications Device SCP-1705-B-090 appears to be constructed in a way that mimics a humanoid CNS. The device is approximately 1m by 0.5 m by 1.75 m. Attached to SCP-1705-B-090 is an input device and a module for housing recorded media. The front of the device itself houses a screen, which is assumed to project the media onto the screen; however, at the time of writing, no currently viewable media is available for the device. Multiple instances of SCP-1705-B-090 are able to communicate between each other.
SCP-1705-B-099 Sedative The anomaly appears to be a spherical object with roughly circular openings and a slow-burning fuse approximately 0.5m long made out of lipids. The testing of the interior has revealed marijuana resin coating the interior of the construct.
SCP-1705-B-121 through SCP-1705-B-142 Unknown See Test Log-1705-Chi All objects appear to be too large to construct within the confines of Site 53 at the time. Research is postponed on these instances until a suitable location is decided on.

Test Log-1705-Chi: A suitable location was found to be appropriate for the apparent size for testing SCP-1705-B-121 through SCP-1705-B-142 at Area 14.

SCP-1705-B Apparent Function of Results Researcher Notes
SCP-1705-B-121 Temple SCP-1705-B-121 appears to be a place for religious observation. It can be speculated that the idolistic figures depicted near the entrance of the construct are what this civilization worshipped. Furthermore, the structure appears to have been desecrated with graffiti depicting obscene and lewd activities, as well as fragments from what can be assumed to be instances of SCP-1705-B-071 embedded in the various parts of the wall.
SCP-1705-B-122 through SCP-1705-B-142 Homes All instances of SCP-1705-B-122 through SCP-1705-B-142 appear to be housing units for the SCP-1705 civilization. Each building is equipped with an instance of SCP-1705-B-054 in some way, often attached to receptacles that store any overflow. Instances of SCP-1705-B-090 have been found in the majority of the homes with accompanying media. When shown through the screen of SCP-1705-B-090, the media depict subjects adorned with attire similar to that of the ancient Roman Empire during the first century engaging in various displays of power4.

Addendum-1705-Psi: On 04/06/2001, during a secondary exploration of the seabed where SCP-1705 was originally discovered, Foundation agents recovered two additional instances of SCP-1705-A and proceeded to assemble SCP-1705 instances in accordance with the diagrams.

SCP-1705-B Apparent Function of Results Researcher Notes
SCP-1705-B-143 Meeting Hall SCP-1705-B-143 manifested with assorted flyers posted along all the walls, all of which apparently displayed similar messages. The majority of the flyers were written in several languages currently unknown to the Foundation; however, researchers were able to locate versions of these flyers written in Latin and Greek. The majority of the text revealed the location they were recovered from to be called "Island of Atlas."
SCP-1705-B-090-1 Video Recordings SCP-1705-B-090-1 are a series of video recordings that are playable via instances of SCP-1705-B-090. The language spoken in the video are is currently unidentified, but appear to be a composite of spoken Greek, Latin, and several unknown languages. See Video Log-1705-Omega for details.

Video Log-1705-Omega:

00:00 - Scene shows the remnants of a battlefield, focusing on a group of men standing on innumerable corpses. All persons are armed with various weaponry that appear to be SCP-1705-B instances and stand tall. In the background, unknown instances of SCP-1705-B roughly resembling tanks move across the field.
00:13 - Pans to shot of smaller, younger group of male individuals sitting of to the side, laughing and carelessly handling their weapons.
00:17 - Pans back to the larger group. Most of the group is now laughing at a few of the men, who in turn appear to be embarrassed.
00:20 - Picture freezes and fades to grayscale. A voice begins speaking.
00:25 - Video shows the men that were previously laughed at speaking angrily to the younger group. The younger group are all frantically moving around and putting belonging in sacks.
00:32 - All of the younger group are shown on a boat arriving on an island. The island is inhabited entirely by young males, who greet the arrivals by handing them glasses full of what appears to be the liquid from SCP-1705-B-054 and drink heavily before being escorted to a location identified as SCP-1705-B-121.
00:48 - Scene is now at night. All boys are shouting, throwing instances of SCP-1705-B-099, and watching them explode in the night. The video shifts focus from the boys to the explosions.
00:57 - Fade to scene of the men that were previously speaking angrily. All men are smiling and greeting women. Camera fades to black after focusing on a specific laughing couple. A ten character long series of Roman numerals flashes on the screen for ten seconds following.

00:00 - Scene appears to be a training ground. A man and boy are shown. The boy waves towards the viewer and the man strikes the boy on the back of the head and points off-screen.
00:03 - Video pans to where the man pointed. There appears to be a featureless humanoid attached to the ground by a long stake. The man hands the boy a spear and speaks to him, pointing at the humanoid with the spear.
00:08 - Boy attempts to throw the spear at the figure; the spear fails to reach it. Laughter is heard.
00:10 - Man strikes the boy again, takes the weapon out of his hand, and begins shouting at him. The boy starts crying.
00:13 - Man waves a flyer in the face of the boy. The view zooms in and reveal it is identical ones found in SCP-1705-B-143.
00:17 - Boy continues crying as man escorts him towards a vehicle and they get in.
00:24 to 23:45 - Driving. The environment appears typical of that found in the area of the Mediterranean Sea during the first century. Neither party speaks during the trip.
23:46 - Man and boy gets out of the car. Video follows the boy as he walks to a boat. Camera pans back over to the man. Man smiles, nods, and gets back into the vehicle. Video ends.

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