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Item #: SCP-1697

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1697 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. Given its anatomical deficiencies, measures have been taken to alleviate most discomfort, and provide simulated faculties of the integumentary system. A tissue-hydrating lotion is provided to maintain functioning musculature, and a superficial injection of a lidocaine solution is granted in moderation and at the discretion of the project head.

SCP-1697 is to be granted rehabilitation treatment for symptoms of extensive muscular acidosis. Certain equipment and secure areas have been authorized for use by the subject, during supervised exercise periods, granted twice weekly. These are all considered privileges, and may be revoked if the subject refuses cooperation, or at the discretion of the project head.

Description: SCP-1697 is the animated body of the deceased Dr. Charles Lexi, former head of the Science Museum of Minnesota’s ‘Body World’ exhibit, a public gallery dedicated to the function and display of the human body. In March of 2012, Lexi was diagnosed with cancer, at which time the tumors had spread beyond the point of treatment. Upon his death, the body was prepared for display in the museum, and its skin removed. Per the subject’s request, it was posed at a chessboard across from another body, in a ‘thinking’ stance, with its left leg crossing its right, its right arm gripping its calf, and its left arm leaning on its leg, with its head turned sideways. As part of the demonstration, a quarter of the subject’s skull was removed to reveal the brain.

After being treated and put into position with a series of wires, the subject was in exhibition for six days, before experiencing a return to consciousness.1 Upon Foundation intervention, SCP-1697 was recovered and emergency surgery was performed to mitigate any damage caused to it. Currently SCP-1697 is blind in one eye and suffers from damage similar to hypoxia in some regions of muscle tissue. Surgery performed includes the sculpting of an artificial skull-cap and the removal of all harnesses and wiring used to secure the subject for display.

SCP-1697 does have a functioning circulatory system, although its blood is almost entirely composed of plasma. Testing reveals a small number of erythrocytes, well beneath the minimum hematocrit for bodily respiration. Electrolyte and plasma protein levels appear to be consistent with typical human blood, as well as hormones produced by a man of the same age as the subject. No leukocytes or platelets appear in blood samples, but despite this, SCP-1697 has not experienced any illness, infections, or further adverse consequences resulting from its conditions since containment, besides the ones already mentioned.

Notably, no tumors or remnants of the cancer that killed Charles Lexi are present in SCP-1697.

Addendum 1697-1: Interview with SCP-1697, January 3rd, 2013

Interviewed: SCP-1697, Dr. Charles Lexi, PhD

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Dr. David Holmes, Level 3, project head

Foreword: This interview was held to establish a backstory on SCP-1697 and to uncover any information it might have on its current condition.

<Begin Log, 18:32:28>

Holmes: Good evening, 1697.

SCP-1697: Good evening, Doctor Holmes.

Holmes: We’re going to begin with your account of how you woke up. Afterwards we can discuss your personal history.

SCP-1697: Phenomenal. I’m a fan of your professionalism, Doctor.

Holmes: What is the last thing you remember before your condition?

SCP-1697: By the time I was speaking to my family, the tumor had metastasized and spread through most of my body. The last thing I did while my head was clear was draft a few professional letters and say good bye to my wife. Then they put me on pain killers, and I fell asleep.

Holmes: How did you wake up?

SCP-1697: I wonder if there was morphine left in my system; it felt like I was coming down off of hard drugs. [laughs] I wasn't even in pain until I realized that I should be. No eye-lids, and such. Not as uncomfortable as you'd think, but I suppose most of the pain receptors are in the skin, so there you go… I come to in a rush, people see me moving, start screaming. I tried saying 'Well butter my biscuits and call me Sally, where's my skin', but most of them seemed really put off by that.

Holmes: Is there anything you can say that might be helpful in learning about what happened to leave you like this?

SCP-1697: I’m fairly certain that I’m dead, mostly. It doesn’t feel the same, besides having the physical feeling. There are no words for it, I don’t think. [SCP-1697 hesitates for several seconds] It doesn’t feel like being alive. It’s not, ah, frustrating. Or, empty. It only is, I guess. I have my memories, and I think I have my personality, and my heart keeps pumping, irrationally, but I don’t feel like I have what I had before. If it’s a soul, that I’m missing, I mean. I think that’s what’s moved on. And that’s fine. I don’t know what else to say, but I just am again. And that doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as you’d think.

Holmes: Is there anything else we should know?

SCP-1697: I won’t be difficult in whatever it is you’re doing here, but there are a few commodities that I would appreciate. If you have the time, doctor.

Holmes: All the time in the world.

SCP-1697: Hurtful. If I could get a very thick sleeping bag with polyester lining, that would be at the top of the list. It’s kind of hard to stay warm with the blankets in the cell, and also I don’t have skin. Something almost nobody knows or, I guess, would have any reason to know: cotton tends to stick to the texture of dry muscle, and it's simply impossible to fall asleep like that.

Holmes: [laughs] I'll see to it. Have a good evening, 1697.

SCP-1697: Have a good one.

<End Log, 18:36:49>

Addendum 1697-2: SCP-1697 status update, as of October 18th, 2027
A short while before the death of her husband, Courtney Lexi became pregnant. SCP-1697 was not informed of the child either before or after its containment. SCP-1697's behavior prior to the last few weeks was ideal, save infrequent periods of depressive symptoms. Incidentally, SCP-1697 had become relatively close to Dr. Holmes, who met frequently with the subject, conducting standard interviews and often playing games of chess with it. To this date, most requests and discussion went through Dr. Holmes. On the 18th of this month, Dr. Holmes reported SCP-1697 having become aware of his son, which could not be attributed to any security or information breaches.

Apparently SCP-1697 has experienced irregular visions of his child, and has become concerned about him growing up without a father, citing perceived delinquent behavior, such as cigarette smoking, loitering, and on one occasion having "liberated" a llama from a children's petting zoo. Investigations into these visions have proven them to be accurate. During the most recent interview between Dr. Holmes and SCP-1697, the subject requested writing a note, dated before its death, in the hopes that it would assist its son in growing up without a father. Dr. Holmes accepted the letter and filed it, as per humanoid-information security protocol Delta-62. SCP-1697 has reported fewer visions since then.

Addendum 1697-3: SCP-1697 Supervisory Personnel Change; August 4th, 2028
As of August 9th, 2028, Dr. Holmes will be promoted to Level 4 clearance, and be transferred off-site to begin his new Foundation duties. Dr. Padover will be taking over his position and responsibilities as Area Director and project head, effective immediately.

Addendum 1697-4: Neutralization of SCP-1697; February 6th, 2029
Following what was considered to be a severe bout of depression, SCP-1697 expired this morning, and is now considered neutralized. Investigations into the visions experienced by the subject of its progeny have been concluded.

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