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PET scan of D-10302 prior to establishment of initial containment procedures.

Item #: SCP-1693

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
A stable population of five SCP-1693 infected D-class personnel, collectively designated SCP-1693-1, is to be maintained at Sector-25 in standard humanoid containment units that have been modified in accordance to the specifications listed in document SCP-1693-HCUS-A.

No Foundation personnel and/or members of the public are to be exposed to vocalisations or recorded vocalisations of confirmed or suspected SCP-1693-1 instances, including non-audio methods such as physical transcripts or digital audio visualisation. All testing or observation of SCP-1693 and SCP-1693-1 instances beyond that which is required for maintaining containment is presently disallowed, and any attempt to do so is to be considered a containment breach.

D-Class personnel are to be exposed to SCP-1693, instances of SCP-1693-1, or their vocalisations, only as required to replenish SCP-1693-1 instances.

SCP-1693-HCUS-A defines, in brief, a humanoid containment unit that has been modified to include FAV Classification Level 15 soundproofing. No audio or video monitoring equipment is to be maintained in or around the containment unit. Millimeter-wave remote biometric monitoring equipment is to be maintained to monitor the physical health of contained SCP-1693-1 instances. A soundproofed antechamber is to be established at the entry point to each containment unit. Delivery and collection of consumables and waste to and from each containment unit is to be achieved via automated systems. Any maintenance of the containment units that requires entry into the interior requires first the transfer or termination of the contained instance of SCP-1693-1.

D-Class personnel assigned to become an instance of SCP-1693-1 are to be admitted entry into the antechamber of the containment unit of an existing SCP-1693-1 instance and provided, via remote control, a copy of document SCP-1693-D-A1 in hard copy or speech synthesis, as required by the D-Class personnel's level of literacy. Further details of the specific process for replenishment of SCP-1693-1 instances is to be found in document SCP-1693-HCUS-A.

Document SCP-1693-D-A1 must not be viewed by any persons other than D-Class personnel assigned to become an instance of SCP-1693-1. Exposure to document SCP-1693-D-A1 outside of these conditions is to be considered a containment breach.

In the event of a containment breach, all instances of SCP-1693-1 affected, and all potentially exposed Foundation personnel and/or members of the public are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-1693 is an aurally infectious form of Alzheimer's disease. The physical nature of the infection is currently unknown. Other potential infection vectors, such as non-verbal communication, are currently unknown. The efficacy of amnestics as a method of inoculation or cure is unknown. Incubation period is unknown, but hypothesised to be in the order of 3-5 minutes following initial exposure.

The content of document SCP-1693-D-A1 is unknown, and is to be considered a possible infection vector.

Information regarding the initial containment of SCP-1693 and of the establishment of the current containment procedures is missing following the containment breach of SCP-████ in 19██, and the subsequent corruption of database information and hardcopy destruction that followed.

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