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Item #: SCP-1685

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Pi-4 (aka "Stellar Constellation Prize") are to locate uncontained instances of SCP-1685 and seal off public access.

The interior areas of SCP-1685 instances are to be fitted with a suite of telescopes and other observational equipment. This serves a dual purpose of locating the interior areas of SCP-1685 instances and advancing Project Heimdall-related observational projects.

Personnel entering SCP-1685 instances are required to wear full-pressure suits as a safeguard against vacuum exposure. As the mechanism SCP-1685 utilises is not fully understood, airlocks are to be constructed around each SCP-1685 instance as an additional safeguard to prevent catastrophic loss of atmosphere in the case of SCP-1685 interiors becoming gas permeable.

Description: SCP-1685 are a number of doors that lead to 100m3 volumes in outer space. The volumes freely mix atmosphere with the Earth and are enclosed by an unknown transparent material. Non-destructive testing has revealed little about the material and destructive testing is currently not authorised. The interior areas of SCP-1685 are roughly cubic with an apparent source of gravity that is consistent with the door used to access it. Observations have shown the interior areas of SCP-1685 are in seemingly random locations with no pattern discovered so far.

The first instance of SCP-1685 was discovered in the home of Japanese researcher Sumio Iijima. Since then, instances of SCP-1685 have been found in numerous locations on all seven continents; however, SCP-1685 instances occur at a higher density in urban environments and other areas with a prevalent light pollution beyond what would be expected with the larger number of doors in these areas.

Addendum-1612-1: The following hand-written note has been found on all SCP-1685 instances. The presence of these notes is currently the only advance warning that an SCP-1685 instance is present.

Look at the stars every once in a while. They're quite beautiful.

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