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A home infected by SCP-1684.

Item #: SCP-1684

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: MTF-ψ-7 "Home Improvement" has been set up to contain individual occurrences of homes or people affected by SCP-1684. Homes found to be infected with SCP-1684 are to be occupied by task force members. Persons attempting to enter infected homes are to be given Class-C amnestics and returned to their original homes. Any advertising materials relating to the Hearth Home Realty Corporation are to be destroyed, and the publisher of the material investigated.

Description: SCP-1684 is a phenomenon affecting homes that are up for sale and persons attempting to become homeowners. Homes affected by SCP-1684 will have a sign appear in front of the home advertising the Hearth Home Realty corporation, with a phone number and street address. Foundation agents who have followed up on the advertised addresses have only found abandoned buildings, and phone numbers have led to inactive numbers.

If a person who is not aware of SCP-1684's properties and are currently in the process of searching for a home to purchase observes a sign advertising SCP-1684 for more than twenty seven seconds, they will become affected by the SCP-1684 phenomenon. Persons under this effect will view SCP-1684-affected homes as having properties highly desirable to them, and will attempt to purchase it via Hearth Home Realty. Interviews with affected persons have revealed that they see the offices as being fully staffed, and have reported having phone conversations with a person representing the company named either "Alan", "Rebecca", or "Wehrner".

Persons who purchase a home from Hearth Home Realty will be able to move in and inhabit the house normally. However, six to eight weeks after moving into this home, any person inhabiting the house and all furniture located within the house will spontaneously disappear. Prior to this disappearance, any monitoring system in place to observe the occupants will fail, and any person who is currently viewing the home through non-electronic means will also disappear. After this disappearance, a sign advertising for Hearth Home Realty will appear at both the previously affected house and the house previously occupied by the disappeared persons. Documentation relating to the ownership of these homes appears to return to the company, as no deed has been found on the property or in any records of the disappeared persons. Due to the fact that SCP-1684's effect has caused the disappearance of ██ Foundation personnel, observation of SCP-1684 residencies has been discontinued.

Addendum: Investigations into addresses provided by persons affected by SCP-1684 have revealed several large warehouses in ██████████, WV. These warehouses were found to be filled with furniture and other consumer goods believed to have originated from homes affected by SCP-1684. In addition, approximately 600 people who had previously disappeared due to SCP-1684's effect were located. When questioned, they reported that they believed they were still living in their home, and described their life and current circumstance as ideal. Affected persons did not respond to amnestics and were sent to mental institutions with forged identification documents. As of 9/18/1995, no additional persons who have disappeared while under SCP-1684's effect have been located.

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