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Image No #: 1682-H
Images from S-18/EUI Telescope. A small section of SCP-1682, showing as a small white arc, is visible near a solar prominence.
Image captured ██/██/10
Image No #: 1682-I
A noticeably darker appearance of SCP-1682 in Image I is observable as the entity re-enters the lower photosphere. The entity appears to decrease in speed gradually and darken in appearance before re-submerging.
Image captured ██/██/11

Item #: SCP-1682

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Because of its size and distance from Earth SCP-1682 was considered effectively contained; this is due to the fact that SCP-1682 did not seem to be capable and did not attempt to break gravitational pull of the sun, and containment breach did not appear to be a possibility. SCP-1682 moved in a looping motion; this is believed to be as result of a variety of factors including but not limited to gravitational pull. Because of this, the appearance of SCP-1682 could be accurately predicted before each actual sighting. SCP-1682 is by all means self-contained.

Civilians coming into possession of proper EUI imaging powerful enough to view SCP-1682 did not factor in to containment due to the expense of such equipment and its exclusivity. The Foundation dispatched embed agents to organizations and governments in possession of such devices before said equipment was first acquired; disinformation protocol 1029-Wanambi was to be set in motion if images came into the possession of civilians, although due to the creature's low visibility and visual similarity to common solar phenomena, this was not expected to be necessary, and disinformation protocols did not need to be enacted.

Description: SCP-1682 is believed to be a large, segmented, worm-like entity located in the sun. Approximate length of the entity is believed to be 28,075 km, this data was found measuring the time between first initial emergence to its disappearance from the photosphere. The appearance of SCP-1682 near solar prominence is believed to be coincidental as the entity's apparition in relation to the features is not consistent.

Attached Image No #: 1682-H displays the typical diving and looping motion of SCP-1682. The entity appears to roam the surface of the photosphere for 3-4 months before disappearing again beneath for periods of 8-12 months. The extended periods of disappearance, glowing appearance upon resurfacing, and the angle and speed of the entity in relation to the general surface of the photosphere suggest brief contact with radiative portions of the sun's interior.

No abnormal change in solar activity has been recorded since SCP-1682's arrival in 1986, and the exact nature of the entity remains to be seen.

Image No #: 1682-A
Image from S-18/EUI Telescope of ██████ Comet, which is believed to be the initial apparition of SCP-1682 before 'colliding' with the sun.
Image captured ██/██/86

Addendum 1682-N: On 11/28/2011, SCP-1682 emerged from the photosphere at a speed of 1045.5 km/s, effectively achieving solar escape velocity. SCP-1682 passed Pluto on 11/30/2011 and the heliosphere on 12/02/2011.

Addendum 1682-N-2, note from Researcher Breen:

I can't really put a finger on what was happening on the sun for all of those years, and I don't think I really want to.

The men and I believe that the creature… whatever it was, was 'refueling' for another jaunt into another star, somewhere. It's gone now. Everyone seems relieved, but I can't shake this anxiety that something awful has just happened.

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