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Item #: SCP-1667

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known articles of footwear affected by SCP-1667 are to be stored in Containment Locker 16 at Storage Site-23. Due to the contagious nature of SCP-1667's effects, no shoes, boots, sandals, flip-flops, slippers, flippers, foot-wraps, galoshes, moccasins or clogs are permitted to enter a 2 meter radius surrounding Containment Locker 16 without the prior approval of Researcher Davis. Socks are permitted. On a fortnightly basis, one member of personnel with Level 1 security clearance must carefully open Containment Locker 16 and reposition all footwear inside to its most north-westerly positions. In the event of a containment breach caused by pressure-related internal damage to SCP-1667's container, all footwear affected by SCP-1667 is to be re-contained and Containment Locker 16 reinforced.

Note: It is suspected that SCP-1667 may not be fully contained. In the event of a suspected instance of containment breach, a barefoot Mobile Task Force must be sent to investigate.

Description: SCP-1667 is a contagion that spreads between almost any type of footwear. Any organism wearing or in physical contact with an item of footwear affected by SCP-1667 is compelled to reach an unknown location deep below the central Pacific Ocean, regardless of personal danger. Almost all items of footwear, the main exception being socks, are susceptible to contagion of SCP-1667. Organisms affected by SCP-1667 will attempt to remain in physical contact with affected footwear. Humans under the effects of SCP-1667 are able to communicate semi-rationally but are primarily driven by their goal to enter the Pacific Ocean and may become physically violent in order to achieve it. Class D personnel under the effects of SCP-1667 were able to use basic navigation skills to avoid obstacles in their path yet always selected travelling on foot over the use of any type of vehicle. Footwear affected by SCP-1667 has been noticed over time by staff slowly moving south-west in a linear pattern, at a rate of approximately 12.7cm per week. It is speculated that the effects of SCP-1667 have caused many humans and possibly other land animals to drown with the appearance of suicidal intent.

The first object discovered to be affected by SCP-1667 was a brown and red leather hiking boot (hereafter referred to as SCP-1667-1) recovered from █████ Beach, ████████, New Zealand in 19██. The small town came to the Foundation's attention after seventeen people were reported missing in the area within two months. Upon investigation it was discovered that several of the missing persons had been seen near █████ Beach on the days of their disappearances. Mobile Task Force ██-█ was sent to conduct a thorough search of the beach, which led to the discovery of SCP-1667-1 and the effects of SCP-1667. The contagious nature of SCP-1667 was discovered when other articles of footwear brought into SCP-1667-1's area of effect began to produce the same effects after a short exposure time. ████ members of Mobile Task Force ██-█ did not remove their boots during the recovery of SCP-1667-1 from █████ Beach and in the resulting chaos, [DATA EXPUNGED].

The following test log has been classified and any personnel requesting this data must have the approval of one member of personnel with Level 2 security clearance.

Further testing of SCP-1667 has been discontinued in order to prevent additional possible containment breaches.
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