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1. A Foundation _____ secured the book after attempting to record information on the owner and the book.
6. SCP-1665's crossword puzzles appear to be designed for ________, with puzzles typically featuring mundane topics such as weather and geography and taking little effort to solve.
8. Description: SCP-1665 is a [REDACTED] brand book published by _________ Puzzles, copyrighted 1999.
11. Special Containment __________:
15. SCP-1665's _________ properties manifest when anyone attempts to maintain written or physical records of it.
18. All written records will be altered so that they are in a form of a crossword ______, making storage of information on SCP-1665 difficult.

1. ___________:
2. SCP-1665 is to be kept in a ______ in the low-value objects wing of Site 39.
3. All _______ of SCP-1665 during testing must be in audio form.
4. SCP-1665 was __________ in a thrift store in [REDACTED], Canada.
5. Because of this, recording equipment is the _________ method of storage of information relating to SCP-1665.
7. Since its ___________, SCP-1665 has been tested on five (5) separate occasions.
9. Object Class: ____
10. As per the orders of ______ Smith, testing on SCP-1665 is suspended until further notice due to its low data value.
12. All of the puzzles in the book are ________, and it shows minimal wear from usage.
13. SCP-1665's puzzles replace words in sentences with _____ spaces; as such, the puzzles can typically be solved with little difficulty.
14. Experimentation with SCP-1665 requires prior approval from a Level _____ Researcher.
16. SCP-1665's properties do not affect _____ recordings or other non-textual methods of documentation.
17. The owner repeatedly attempted to sell ___-____, marketing it as a 'magic crossword book'.

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