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Item #: SCP-1664

Object Class: Safe Euclid

No radio devices or system networks are to be utilised within a 100m radius of SCP-1664's holding cells. All Specimens of SCP-1664 have been relocated to Site-298 for security reasons.

Access to SCP-1664 specimens is permitted only to staff members possessing Level 3 clearance and above. SCP-1664-1 through -5 are contained in hermetically sealed capsules located in Containment cell 1664-298-B5. Specimen -6 is contained in an A4 sheet of paper within Containment cell 1664-298-B6. Specimens -7 and -8 are contained in separate airtight containment cells and surrounded by Class 8 Magnetic Field Gates. Any personnel interacting with SCP-1664 must be outfitted in Type 4 HazMat suits. All specimens must be monitored at all times for signs of unusual activity. In the event of an emergency, Protocol G-1664-8369-02 may be initiated by a Level 4/1664 supervisor, whereupon all areas containing samples of SCP-1664 will be exposed to an electromagnetic field of 10,000 G until a stable containment state has been achieved.

Description: SCP-1664 is a Class 7 Liquid Organism. Visually, it resembles black ink and possesses a consistency identical to that of water. SCP-1664 exhibits the ability to process thought, consume materials, reproduce, communicate and respond to stimuli. SCP-1664 does not require food, water or oxygen for continued function. SCP-1664 is capable of learning new information and applying this knowledge to new situations. SCP-1664-8 has been successfully taught to communicate in English. SCP-1664 consumes iron and materials possessing traces of iron; it accomplishes this by exhibiting a corrosive effect on the material, breaking it down into a liquid form which is then added to SCP-1664's overall mass. This corrosive effect has not been observed with any other materials. This consumption serves as a means of reproduction. Despite not requiring iron for continued existence, SCP-1664 will exhibit hunger and will actively seek out and consume iron and iron-based material.

When administered to a biological entity, SCP-1664 will, over the course of 72 hours, convert all iron-rich biological matter present within the host to SCP-1664. Notably, converted subjects will not return to an entirely liquid form following total infestation. Instead, host forms will enter a state of semiliquidity. Converted subjects will exhibit some liquid attributes, such as the ability to move through small spaces and revert to a consistent shape after being dispersed. Converted hosts will revert back to the original host’s physiology while idle. Converted subjects are capable of verbal communication, regardless of the host's prior form. Subject's speech will remain incomprehensible prior to learning new languages. Currently, the only known method of significantly damaging SCP-1664 and related specimens is through the use of powerful magnetic fields. Any field above 9,925 G is capable of affecting SCP-1664. Short term exposure (under 30 minutes) will only temporarily disable SCP-1664's properties. However, any long term exposure (over 30 minutes) will permanently render the substance inert. Converted hosts exposed to fields of this magnitude will exhibit extreme pain before being rendered unconscious and eventually expiring.

Interview Log:

Recovery notes: SCP-1664 was recovered from a rented building named the “Caelum Cervi's Tattoo Parlour and Bar” in Spain following the discovery of website advertisements proclaiming to give “revolutionary smart ink” tattoos. 10 litres of SCP-1664 was recovered following inspection, along with 43 already infected hosts. All hosts were hunted down and contained, then destroyed.

The building has since been seized by one of the Foundation's fronts and remains under constant surveillance. Any and all mention of Caelum Cervi's Tattoo Parlour and Bar, along with the Caelum Cervi website have been scrubbed from both digital and physical sources. A total of 302 civilians have been administered B-Class Amnestics.

  • Caelum Cervi's Tattoo Parlour and Bar advertisement [Translated from Spanish]:

Do you want a tattoo , but I fear it will not stand out? Why not try the revolutionary new SMART Ink ™ Caelum Caelum Cervi of Cervi home and Tattoo Parlour bar.

Impress your family and friends as your brand new tattoo moves through your body by itself! Managed by highly trained professionals in a safe , sterile environment new Smart Ink ™ Caelum Cervi is sure to be a hit at any party, it's the wave of the future!

And as if that was not enough incentive, each tattoo session you get a free drink at the Caelum Cervi Bar, where the finest, premium beverages are served. The bar is also open to the general public, even if you do not want a tattoo, or are you just accompanying a friend, you can spend your time out in style and comfort in Caelum Cervi Bar!

So come on down, you can find us at ███████, ███████, Spain. Or, call us at ████ - █████ for a free consultation with one of our professionally trained artists!

For more information, check out ███.████████████.███, and feel free to email us at Caelum-Cervi@███████.███.

See you at the Tattoo Parlour Caelum Cervi and Bar! The wave of the future!

Additionally, one of the computers discovered during the recovery contained the following email string, sent from the Caelum Cervi email address to a temporary address which has since been deleted. It has been deemed relevant information and has subsequently been archived.

Email string archive [Translated from Spanish]:

Addendum: O5-1664-01: We're receiving reports of more potential specimens of 1664 out of containment. We've dispatched Task Force 28-Epsilon to investigate these reports. Any conclusive evidence is to be reported to either me or the current Level 4 supervisor.

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