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Item #: SCP-1663

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Data pertaining to research performed at Containment Site 1663-0 may only be disseminated to personnel assigned to Containment Site 1663-0 or with prior permission from at least two (2) senior researchers. Duty assignments at Containment Site 1663-0 are not to exceed two (2) weeks in length, and all personnel must be administered Class B amnestics prior to being transferred off-site.

Description: SCP-1663 is the special duty assignment for personnel assigned to Containment Site 1663-0, located near [REDACTED]. The research performed at Containment Site 1663-0 is considered a Euclid-class infohazard, thus necessitating the extraordinary containment requirements outlined in this document.

The data isolation of SCP-1663 was approved on [REDACTED] by the then-retiring O5-█, whose immediate retirement and subsequent mandatory amnestic administration was considered not in violation of standing regulations prohibiting the exposure of O5 Council members to SCP objects.

Since then, ████ (█) separate retiring O5 Council members have upheld the established containment procedures for SCP-1663.

Personnel assigned to SCP-1663 may continue on to the Additional Documentation for SCP-1663 Personnel.

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