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Item #: SCP-1644

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Outpost-126 has been established in order to monitor SCP-1644. Given SCP-1644's remote location, all individuals sighted within 500 m of the area will be turned back on the pretense of an archaeological excavation in the region. All excavations of areas within SCP-1644's active area of influence must be undertaken using unmanned robots that are remotely controlled from Outpost-126.

Description: SCP-1644 is an anomalous region located near [REDACTED], Egypt. The region comprising SCP-1644 is a series of ruins roughly dating to the Egyptian Old Kingdom, according to inscriptions found in the ruins.

SCP-1644's main anomalous effect occurs in a region surrounding an obelisk at the center of the ruins, hereafter referred to as SCP-1644-1. Exactly 47.16 meters1 from the center of the obelisk, all humans express extreme distaste for approaching the obelisk. Any attempts to voluntarily approach closer than 47.16 meters have failed, as all individuals spontaneously lose all interest in approaching any closer. Use of force has failed to coerce individuals to approach SCP-1644-1, and research along this line should not be taken. Individuals physically forced to enter the area will become intensely uncomfortable, and will seek to leave the area of effect as soon as possible. All attempts to convince said individuals to perform any action other than leaving immediately have ended in failure. Threats of violence, up to, and including death as a punishment for refusing to enter SCP-1644's active area have failed, as individuals will continue to refuse to enter SCP-1644, even when such threats have been carried out on the individual themselves, or if an individual witnesses the threats being carried out on others.

SCP-1644-1 bears an inscription that is repeated on each side of the obelisk. Translated from the original hieroglyphics, SCP-1644-1's inscription reads, "The hand of (illegible) extends beyond death itself." The same word on each side of the obelisk is illegible, and ongoing attempts to determine the word remain inconclusive.

The ruins found within SCP-1644 contain many artifacts that do not exhibit anomalous properties. These artifacts are currently being stored at Reliquary Site-62’s historical artifact department.

Addendum: During an excavation conducted using remotely-operated robots on 6/8/██, a previously unknown underground room was found directly beneath SCP-1644-1. Upon further inspection, the room was found to be mostly empty, except for one sarcophagus in the center of the room. It has been stored with the remaining artifacts from SCP-1644 at Site 57's historical artifact department. The identity of the sarcophagus's owner remains unknown.

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