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Item #: SCP-1634

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1634 is stored in a secure locker at Site-76, along with a digital storage device holding notable instances of SCP-1634-1 retained for archival purposes. SCP-1634 may not be handled or utilized without permission from at least two Level-3 personnel. Only D-Class personnel may use SCP-1634. Additional security is required when utilizing D-Class personnel with a history of extreme violence and/or sociopathy.

Description: SCP-1634 is a simple metal circlet constructed from a thick ring of iron inlaid around its inner circumference with human skeletal muscle. Neither of the primary components show any sign of decay, although microscopic samples of SCP-1634's metals and tissue have oxidized and decomposed at a non-anomalous rate following excision. SCP-1634 also holds a complete set of 32 adult human teeth with roots partially embedded around its upper rim. Complementary deformities in several of the teeth suggest that they were taken from a single individual. The teeth are also much older than the material surrounding them, dating to the mid or late 2nd century CE while the main body of the artifact was formed using metal casting techniques not generally known until the late 1600's. SCP-1634 also shows signs of recent modification, carrying a microSD slot with circuitry integrated and interwoven through its musculature. Any memory card inserted in SCP-1634 will have its data erased and begin to accumulate SCP-1634-1.

When SCP-1634 is placed on the head of an awake and alert human being, the subject will lose consciousness over the course of 30-90 seconds and remain unconscious and unresponsive for roughly █ hours afterward. During this period, the individual wearing SCP-1634 will experience an episode of vivid dreaming in which they self-identify as the dream's protagonist. Autonomy and cognitive thought are retained throughout the dream-state, although lucidity (i.e., the knowledge that one is dreaming) is absent in the vast majority of cases. Repeated testing has confirmed that dreams experienced under the influence of SCP-1634 invariably follow a consistent order of events:

  • The protagonist finds him/herself in an arena-like setting
  • The protagonist is presented with a variety of ancient weapons including swords, maces, and flagella
  • Large animals (lions, giraffes, etc.) - tethered or otherwise incapacitated - begin to fill the arena
  • It is given to understand that the protagonist may kill the animals as he/she desires
  • Regardless of the protagonist's actions, crippled or emaciated human beings begin to appear
  • The protagonist perceives that the non-threatening humans are “enemies” or “giants” and is invited to slay them
  • Regardless of the protagonist's actions, perception of human and animal victims becomes increasingly distorted

At this point, the subject rapidly regains consciousness. If SCP-1634 is not removed at this point or shortly after (<█m) another period of unconsciousness will ensue and the above sequence of events will re-initiate. This cycle may continue indefinitely if not interrupted. Removing SCP-1634 from a subject already in a dream-state will not shorten the period of unconsciousness, although it appears to bring an abrupt end to the associated dream.

Most individuals in tests of SCP-1634 have described the experience as “disorienting,” sometimes reporting a strong sense of moral conflict associated with acting violently toward helpless but sentient victims. Both of these effects have been shown to decrease after repeated use.

SCP-1634-1 is the designation given to data found on memory cards inserted in SCP-1634 after use. The data consists of video files encrypted using the ████ codec with filenames formed of a six-digit serial number prefixed by the letters “CO.” The videos themselves are compromised by various artifacts (rapid shifts in speed / FOV / focus / color values, static and “hissing” noise, audio distorted or dropping out.) Nonetheless, they appear to be visual and auditory records of dreams experienced while wearing SCP-1634, “filmed” from the protagonist's point of view. Examination of videos created by test subjects assigned to perform specific actions while dreaming suggest that SCP-1634-1 videos are accurate in their representation of each individual experience. Thus far, none of the videos have exceeded 6 minutes.

Acquisition Log Summary: SCP-1634 was intercepted at ██████ ████████ Postal Service by an embedded Foundation operative who observed it being shipped through channels previously associated with Marshall, Carter, and Dark. Suspicions were confirmed upon opening the package and discovering the anomalous artifact, along with a small paper square with a heavily encrypted barcode containing information for a ███████ money transfer and the following message:

Your [sic] people are into some seriously weird [expletive]. I've got the last unit all lit up on my workbench right now - just need to alter the process slightly. Not a thing to worry about on your end, folks, but I'd still appreciate getting the next installment NOW before I forget why I'm doing this [expletive] in the first place. Krawl out.

Addendum 1634-11: Following the decryption of the message above, all instances of SCP-1634-1 in the Foundation's possession were found to contain the string “KRAWL” steganographically embedded at regular intervals in the video file. Scans of popular video sites searching for the same string have returned several previously undocumented instances of SCP-1634-1 along with two additional groups of videos similar in style but differing in imagery: one in which a protagonist burns down poorly-constructed city buildings (with the occupants still inside) to erect more opulent ones in their place, and another showing mostly passive views of soldiers on a viaduct attacking whales and other aquatic animals with projectiles. Further investigation into the nature and origin of these recordings is under consideration.

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