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Item #: SCP-1627

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The forest in which SCP-1627 is located is to be secured by fifty (50) armed Foundation personnel. The species shall be allowed to grow in the area, but only within Foundation-set boundaries. D-Class testing of SCP-1627 is to take place within Site 56 in a waterproof testing chamber, after which the affected D-Class shall be left in the chamber until death. If SCP-1627 is discovered outside of this area, the previously mentioned procedures should be set in place.

The town of ██████, TN, USA is to be quarantined and monitored until all instances of SCP-1627-A and SCP-1627-B are identified and neutralized. The town will continue to be observed for up to one (1) year after all anomalous entities have been assumed to be deceased.

Description: SCP-1627 is a species of fungus superficially resembling fly agaric mushrooms (Amanita muscaria). This species can cause vomiting, internal bleeding, blindness, and hallucinations if ingested.

SCP-1627's anomalous effects manifest as a result of ritualistic behavior composed of the following criteria:

  1. SCP-1627 comes into contact with human blood
  2. SCP-1627 is ingested by a human subject
  3. SCP-1627 is ingested in the absence of direct sunlight

If a subject ingests the fungus without meeting all of the previously mentioned requirements, said subject will experience SCP-1627's non-anomalous toxic effects. Once subject meets the above requirements, that subject will be transfigured into either an instance of SCP-1627-A or an instance of SCP-1627-B.

SCP-1627-A and SCP-1627-B appear to be invulnerable to physical damage; however, both groups are susceptible to starvation within three (3) weeks. In addition, if instances of SCP-1627-A and SCP-1627-B are brought together, both subjects will die immediately after making contact. The cause of this is currently being studied.

SCP-1627 was discovered on 06/04/1995 in the small secluded mountain town of ██████, TN, USA after agents received reports of "people of shadow and light" coming out from the nearby forest. Within the town, several groups had formed based on reactions to the entities, with the largest groups being the "Daylight Huntsmen," the "Brotherhood of the Night," and the "Enders." See the attached History File-1627-Theta and Incident Report-1627-Alpha for greater detail.

History File-1627-Theta

SCP Objects Involved: SCP-1627

GoIs Involved: GoI-187 (Daylight Huntsmen), GoI-188 (Brotherhood of Night), GoI-189 (Enders)

Summary: Citizens of ██████, TN, USA came into contact with SCP-1627 when a group of people identifying themselves as the "Cult of the New" entered into the town square at 20:00 on 14/02/1995 and performed the SCP-1627 ritual on their members, creating several instances of SCP-1627-A and SCP-1627-B. A few members of the cult attempted to speak a message of power and "evolution"; in the midst of this, a riot started among the crowd, which resulted in the death of all members of the cult and several civilians. Within the next day, several groups formed among the citizens of the town, the largest and most prominent of these being GoI-187 through GoI-189. These groups gained control of the town over the course of two (2) months and grew more and more unstable until [REDACTED]2.

Incident Report-1627-Alpha: On 06/04/1995, Foundation discovered the town in which these events occurred after recovering several instances of SCP-1627-A and SCP-1627-B from the surrounding countryside. When agents arrived on the scene, conflict between the three groups had escalated greatly. MTF Sigma-7 (aka "Turn Riot at the Light"), MTF Upsilon-4 (aka "Please Don't Touch Me"), and MTF Eta-9 (aka "Maul Security") were dispatched to subdue the citizens and contain instances of SCP-1627-A and SCP-1627-B.

At this time, members of GoI-187 (Daylight Huntsmen) had apparently become paranoid to the point of complete destruction of internal structure and betrayal between members. Meanwhile, GoI-188 (Brotherhood of Night) had released approximately twenty (20) instances of SCP-1627-B that they had kept hidden in order to let them freely hunt while they forced people at random to eat blood-covered instances of SCP-1627. GoI-189 (Enders) had begun killing people by various means not involving direct contact. When questioned about these actions later, members responded that they had come to the conclusion that killing was a neutral, and therefore just, action7.

Foundation agents went into the town and subdued the majority of the citizens using Anomalous Outbreak Protocol Rho-05, after which many instances of SCP-1627-A and SCP-1627-B were located and contained. All members of the town were interrogated, particularly those reported to be belonging in one of the three aforementioned groups, before being administered Class-A amnestics and released. All information about the groups and events occurring within the town was gathered from the interviews and SCP-1627 was found and contained. The species was discovered in ██████ Forest, a 50km2 area of wooded land, which appears to be the only location where SCP-1627 grows naturally at this time.

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