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Item #: SCP-1614

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1614 is to be kept on a flash drive and deposited in Personnel Locker 14 when not in use by Dr. ██████ or his staff. Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to play SCP-1614 without written permission from Dr. ██████.

Description: SCP-1614 is an .avi digital media file recovered from a Dell brand laptop computer seized in a warehouse raid of anomalous items in ████████, Missouri (see [REDACTED] for a comprehensive log of recovered objects). After verifying that no other documents, media, or software found on the computer were anomalous, SCP-1614 was safely transferred and sequestered into a secure network at Site-16 for further study. File properties lists SCP-1614's creation date as ██/██/████, with additional modifications made on [REDACTED]. It is not currently known if SCP-1614 is unique or one of many copies shared along a private network. Research is ongoing.

When played, SCP-1614 contains real-time footage of an unfurnished modern apartment with the skyline of an unidentified city visible through a window on the far wall. The apartment is occupied by an amicable middle-aged Caucasian couple identifying themselves as "Paul and Lisa" (hereafter designated SCP-1614-1 and -2, respectively). While the follow-up content differs upon every playback, each iteration begins identically: SCP-1614-1 and -2 wave at the viewer and explain the purpose of SCP-1614 as being a fluid medium in which a romantic couple can enhance their relationship through the sharing of every permutation of experience together. What follows is novel footage of SCP-1614-1 and -2 engaging in activities of wildly varying moral content, with stock footage of landscapes and urban environments superimposed on the apartment walls when appropriate. If playback is not manually stopped, SCP-1614-1 and -2 will engage in a given activity indefinitely, with the longest recorded run-time being [REDACTED]. As playbacks accumulate, the chosen activities have become more violent and deviant in nature. Early activities included romantic dinners, intimate discussions about personal and romantic histories, sexual congress, and recreational excursions into unknown countries, but have since gone on to include dancing, discussions on philosophical subjects, sexual trysts in unusual locations, occult rituals, drug use, violence, and the murder of one another as well as street-level bystanders outside the apartment complex.

SCP-1614-1 and -2 return to their starting condition upon the beginning of every playback, although they have been observed to retain memories of the preceding events after the initial introduction. Despite the increased frequency of psychologically harmful events, SCP-1614-1 and -2 have expressed to each other on multiple playbacks that the sharing of lurid experiences has only strengthened their bond. It is unknown by what mechanism SCP-1614-1 and -2 are able to materialize in such a wide variety of locations with so many disparate objects, although it is theorized to be digital in nature.

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