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Item #: SCP-1611

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area in which SCP-1611 manifests is to be sealed off and designated as its containment chamber. No personnel are permitted to enter SCP-1611's containment chamber, with D-Class access permitted for test purposes. In the event that SCP-1611 begins speaking, on-site sound dampening speakers are to be activated until it ceases.

Description: SCP-1611 is an apartment located within the [REDACTED] hotel in Miami, FL. SCP-1611's interior has never been directly observed; however, it is believed to have existed in its current state since 1989. SCP-1611-1 appears to be a young woman with distorted facial features and damaged clothing. SCP-1611-1 resembles M███ C████, the last known resident of SCP-1611.

When a subject approaches the stairwell leading to SCP-1611, SCP-1611-1 will crawl out of SCP-1611 and attempt to address them. SCP-1611-1 will claim that it has suffered a terrible injury or illness, then that the subject must assist them. As the subject approaches, it will move back into SCP-1611.

If the subject enters SCP-1611, the door leading to it will shut for 24 hours. Any visual recording devices brought in by the subject will cease functioning, while audio recordings will be heavily distorted. Audio recorded from within SCP-1611 indicates that the subject is interrogated by an entity within SCP-1611, with repeated references to sickness and M███ C████. These sounds cannot be heard from outside SCP-1611.

After 24 hours, portions of the subject will be ejected from SCP-1611. They will usually be missing one or more internal organs, in addition to epidermal tissue, skeletal structure and bodily fluids. None of these have been recovered. Testing to view the interior of SCP-1611 is ongoing.

SCP-1611 was discovered on 1/23/1989, when 11 people staying at the [REDACTED] hotel went missing over a 1-month period1. Agents were dispatched to investigate, and were able to discover SCP-1611's anomalous properties. A cover story was released, with cause of death listed as carbon monoxide poisoning. The [REDACTED] hotel was condemned, and converted to contain SCP-1611. As of 3/14/1989, SCP-1611 has been classified as Euclid.

Addendum: On 11/12/1991, a diary belonging to M███ C████ was discovered by agents working with ████. Portions of this document have been included in this report.

…I've been drinking again. Dr. Radley told me I couldn't keep it up, but he doesn't know what it's like to keep them away. If booze makes 'em shut up, then I'll self-medicate as much as I damn well please. Besides, it's not like I'm close to rock bottom. I have a nice apartment in Miami, good friends and good ale.

Damien is telling me about the seminar again. I really wish he'd shut up about it, because it's dumb as hell. If you really could find your inner self by sitting on the dirt and humming, then everybody would've done it.

…otten luck, I had to be dragged with him. It was in a really seedy part of town too. Like, seedier than my apartment hotel room. There were like 3 guys there, sitting on a patch of dirt and humming. The guy was really creepy looking. He had a fu-manchu and a glass eye. I'm pretty sure he had all the skin conditions too. ANYways, he gives me a pendant thing and tells me to sit down. So I sit there for like an hour, and it's so boooooriiing. They're all humming, and he's watching.

Walked out after that. It was just… too damn weird.

I just realized I still have the rock though. I guess I could give it back… but that would entail going back there. So no.

…most died today. I'm barely holding the pen right now. I was trying to cross the street and some guy in a Pinto just flew around the corner at top speed. Thought I was gonna die. But then… I was out of the way and he was wrapped around a telephone pole. Someonething pushed me out of the way.

I'm not going out tomorrow.

These portions have been significantly damaged due to age, water, and exposure. Restoration efforts are ongoing.

…this week has been fucking ridiculous(…)watching out for me(…)it seems like everyone and their(…)out to get me, and I just get by them(…)divine providence. There was a mugger, Damien go(…)on tuesday, and the train. I don't want to go outside anymore. I'm o(…)fe with him in my little room. He's watching over me.

The coughing is worse today. I(…)cabinet was completely empty. Of course, he(…)me out because it's not safe out there. But it isn't safe in here either. The spots on my leg(…)smell horrible. The sheets are turning black from it(…)ust watches me die.

People(…)ook them and showed me. I didn't kno(…)anted, but he ripped them(…)wrapped my leg, it was still bleeding(…)help me please if you find this. I'm dropping it(…)find me please please ple

we can help. let us breathe life into you again

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