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Item #: SCP-1600

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Samples of SCP-1600-1 are stored in the Hazardous Materials Wing of Site-197, within a chamber constructed from a brass alloy with 42% zinc content. All personnel interacting with SCP-1600-1 must wear level C hazmat suits constructed from SCP-1600-1 resistant materials to prevent accidental exposure.

Samples of SCP-1600-2 do not warrant special containment and may be stored at the discretion of assigned researchers.

Description: SCP-1600-1 is an odorless dark-yellow liquid recovered in 1998 from a MC&D facility in Boston, MA. Chemical analysis have shown it to be a compound of sulfur, mercury and several unidentified elements. The Foundation currently possesses 53 liters of SCP-1600-1. All attempts to synthesize additional quantities of SCP-1600-1 have been unsuccessful.

When SCP-1600-1 comes in contact with solid matter, it will transform said matter into a sample of SCP-1600-2. The transformation takes from 2 to 37 minutes per kilogram and is usually accompanied by heavy structural damage caused by differences in density between SCP-1600-2 and the initial materials.

A small number of materials have been found that are not affected by SCP-1600-1. Of those, brass is currently used in containment as the cheapest and most practical alternative. Refer to document 1600-M4 for the full list of immune materials found so far.

SCP-1600-2 is an edible product highly similar to cheese. Coloration, texture and flavor of SCP-1600-2 samples varies wildly based on materials used in their creation. Consumption of SCP-1600-2 is safe and will not cause any lasting ill effects, even in cases where materials used in creation of the sample have been poisonous or otherwise inedible.

Addendum: Partial Testing Log

Original material Sample appearance Notes
Raw pork meat Yellow, medium-hard. D-Class subject described the sample as having a distinct bacon flavor.
Rotten meat Color ranges from green to purple, extremely soft. Subject was reluctant to consume the sample, describing it as "foul". No symptoms of food poisoning have been noted after the consumption.
Wood of Quercus robur, English oak Dark-yellow, hard. Subject described the sample as dry and "crispy".
98% pure gold Yellow, soft. Subject was unable to describe the taste of the sample beyond the fact that it was extremely satisfying. The subject requested access to additional samples repeatedly and became depressed and uncooperative after his requests were denied.
Mercury Black, soft and elastic. Subject described the sample as viscous and tasteless. No symptoms of mercury poisoning have been noted afterwards.
SCP-████ Dark blue, medium-hard. Upon approaching the sample, subject stated that the sample was communicating with him, persuading him to consume it and describing its gastronomical values. The subject claimed that the sample advised him to consume it with a beverage. No beverage was provided to the subject. After consuming the sample, the subject described it as salty. No lasting mind-altering effects have been noted.
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