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Item #: SCP-1598

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1598 is to be contained in Cell-14 at Research Site-45. The cell is to be lined with high density rubber with a thickness of 30cm. The floor is to be grated as to facilitate the disposal of waste from SCP-1598. The cell is to have an automatic antiseptic wash feature capable of cleaning the surrounding walls, grating, and SCP-1598 itself every 8 hours. Only D-class personnel are permitted to enter the cell.

SCP-1598 is to undergo regular bi-weekly X-ray scans. Necrotic appendages will need to be amputated as needed. Cancerous tumors will also require extraction whenever identified. Samples of SCP-1598's visceral fluids will need to be taken once a week and remitted to the assigned Level-2 staff member. SCP-1598 is to be force fed a nutrient-rich slurry every 6 hours. SCP-1598's gastric feeding tube will need to be inserted directly into the stomach through the abdominal area. Repositioning of the feeding tube will be required whenever a new stomach appears.

SCP-1598 requires 24-hour surveillance. Behaviors including aggressive provocation, coprophagy, deliberate self-harm, or any suspicious behavior are to be deterred using electric shock weaponry. Any habits involving SCP-1598 spreading its fecal matter against the cell's interior walls are to be reported to Level-2 staff before being washed clean.

Conventional lethal weaponry is not allowed in Cell-14. In the event of a breach, SCP-1598 is to be approached and suppressed using incapacitance foam dispensers and long-range electric shock weapons only.

Description: SCP-1598 is an organism measuring 4.5m in length, 3.9m in height when standing, and weighing approximately 5.2t. SCP-1598 displays physical and genetic characteristics of Lymantriids, Apinids, Culicids, Tabanids, Forficulidids, Gryllids, and Hominids1 in various stages of maturity. Apart from limbs, SCP-1598's surface is covered with irregular layers of chitinous plates, skin, urticating bristles, male/female genitalia, barbs, teeth, antennae/cerci, coarse hair, prehensile tongues, and occasionally underdeveloped wings. SCP-1598 appears to possess both an incomplete exoskeleton and endoskeleton, though both seem to function well when used in conjunction. SCP-1598 has no discernible head, but is seen to possess a multitude of eyes and oral/anal cavities of variable size across its body.

SCP-1598 consistently generates various appendages and internal organs at a rapid rate. This rapid and uncontrolled growth is also balanced by a form of circulatory apoptosis, as extremities/internal organs may only last for a few weeks before succumbing to avascular necrosis. These growths appear to have no symmetrical pattern and appear intermittently. Ingrown appendages have also been observed as well as vice versa for internal organs.

SCP-1598 has been observed to be extremely aggressive to staff equipped with weapons. SCP-1598 has also exhibited this aggressiveness to automated suppression systems. During altercations, SCP-1598 has shown an absolute refusal to submit to any attempt at conventional suppression to the point of threatening its own life. Tranquilizers, psychoactive medication, and amnestic drugs appear to have no effect on SCP-1598. To date, SCP-1598 has breached containment 3 times. When in an agitated state, SCP-1598 will use its defensive attributes as well as its excessive strength and size in order to combat personnel. Over time, SCP-1598 has grown increasingly docile since living in captivity and has been observed to remain stationary for days when left undisturbed.

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