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Item #: SCP-1595

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents embedded in archaeological services, media outlets and intelligence agencies are to identify and isolate possible instances of SCP-1595 in order to limit public exposure to them, with an emphasis on professionals who might identify the historical discrepancies inherent to SCP-1595. Portable instances of SCP-1595 are to be transferred into Foundation custody, while stationary instances are to be documented and deleted. Use of Class-C amnestics is authorized when necessary.

Description: SCP-1595 is a series of numbered messages originating from various time periods and locations. SCP-1595's anomalous properties stem from their anachronistic nature; instances of SCP-1595 will often be written using methods which should not be available in the time period or location from which they originate, and are always in modern English. SCP-1595 messages are internally serialized, and each instance discovered will follow the one found before it, despite sometimes being written centuries earlier.

Additionally, analysis of the handwriting used in SCP-1595 messages indicates that they have been composed by the same person, regardless of the aforementioned chronological discrepancies. Of the sixty-seven messages found so far, fifty-three have been addressed to the same person, an unknown woman named "Molly". Of the remaining messages, three address a "Danny", two address a "Ben", four have an unknown addressee, and five are mostly illegible.

Addendum SCP-1595-A: The following is a list of notable instances of SCP-1595:

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