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Item #: SCP-1594

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-1594 are by nature uncontainable, 24 seismological monitoring stations have been deployed at equidistant positions along the equator in order to monitor their communications. Return communications are to be transmitted from the station nearest to SCP-1594. Because normal seismic activity creates significant interference, return communications are to be delayed until total seismic activity is at a local minimum. Communication is preferable when the region housing the currently transmitting station is at sublunar high tide.

Reports on the activity of instances of SCP-1594-A are to be given top priority. Research is to focus on tracking and studying instances of SCP-1594-A.

Description: SCP-1594 are an intangible squad of eight United States Armed Forces servicemen, individually designated SCP-1594-01 through -08. Despite their intangibility, SCP-1594 are still affected by gravity. SCP-1594 are currently located in the lower mantle at a depth of 1600 km beneath the surface of the Earth — the center of mass of the Earth-Moon system. Their position relative to the surface tends to follow the path of the tidal bulge caused by the Moon above them. SCP-1594 are not intangible with respect to one another or the items they carry, which causes them to be stuck together in an approximately spherical mass.

SCP-1594 are capable of limited interaction with the convective currents of the mantle. When four or more of SCP-1594 speak synchronously, their voices are anomalously transformed into seismic pressure waves which act upon the underside of the crust. This has allowed SCP-1594 to communicate with the surface. The Foundation has been able to decode this phenomenon, and the ease of translation has also enabled the Foundation to partially replicate the phenomenon with technology derived from SCP-219, allowing for the directed transmission of return communications. It is unknown how SCP-1594 are capable of interpreting the pressure waves. The largest obstacle to communication is interference from other seismic activity, so messages are usually brief, straightforward, and amplified.

SCP-1594 report some semblance or equivalent of the sense of sight, extending to a finite but indeterminately large distance, through the magma which fills the mantle. This lets them take note of features such as volcanic hotspots, although their lack of geological training and their unfamiliarity with modern scientific findings leave their descriptions vague. From their own accounts, SCP-1594 do not age to a significant degree or become injured, but note that they experience constant pain from the heat, and that wounds sustained in combat bleed continuously. Once shed, SCP-1594's blood loses its anomalous properties and is incinerated. SCP-1594-05 occasionally vomits as the result of a non-anomalous stomach virus; the vomit is incinerated as well.

SCP-1594 were reported MIA by their squad leader on 1970-02-15 after a minefield at ██.████ N, ███.████ E was purposefully detonated from a safe distance in order to clear a path. The detonation momentarily exposed a previously unknown volcanic caldera, which emitted an intense odor of fudge, engulfed SCP-1594, and then sealed itself. Multiple sources, including SCP-1594 themselves, have corroborated this story with varying degrees of detail.

Communication Log Excerpts: Communications with SCP-1594 have been sparing up until the past five years due to the difficulty of transmission. The first successful transmissions, though, were conducted near the beginning of 2001, when SCP-1023 received a signal with abnormally high fidelity and precision of location. Further investigation yielded agency behind these signals, and stations were set up to intercept them.

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