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Two SCP-1582 ocular drones.

Item #: SCP-1582

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1582 is located in a 3 x 3 x 3 containment cell covering the queen's nest at an isolated location in south-west Western Australia. Due to the fact that instances of SCP-1582-1 do not leave the nest, only two guards are required to stand watch for potential escape. Lethal force is acceptable for all instances save for the SCP-1582-1 brain, but due to its size and inability to leave the nest, this is highly unlikely.

Description: SCP-1582 is an aboriginal man, composed of Myrmecia regularis ants, estimated to be roughly 300 years old. This data was gathered from a nasal drone instance of SCP-1582-1 on ██/██/89. SCP-1582 is roughly 25-75 meters in area, due to wars with other colonies and flood migrations. Certain instances of SCP-1582-1 are still uncontained due to theft from rival colonies and difficulties locating them. At the time of this documentation, an estimated five pieces are missing, including the right forefinger, pinky toe, testicles, and the nasal cartilage.

SCP-1582 is split into approximately 40,000 different ants, not including featureless soldier and worker SCP-1582. The unique parts carrying human biological matter are referred to as SCP-1582-1.

Instances of SCP-1582-1 rarely venture to the surface, the mass of drones carrying the heart and lung biological parts never moving more than one meter from of the brain. Testing reveals that SCP-1582, the SCP-1582 'colony', will not expire if a vital organ is destroyed, but instead a new drone will be dispatched to the location to salvage biological matter from the housing sac located on the abdomen. Upon arrival the drone will absorb the matter into its abdomen, becoming plerergate, until the retrieved liquid reforms in a sac located on its abdomen and in effect creates a new instance of SCP-1582-1; It is believed that because of this, the destruction of the 'queen', which carries the brain, would most likely cause the destruction of SCP-1582.

It appears that most of the body parts do not serve any real purpose or function, save for the eyes, ears, nose, and an assemblage of organs involved in speech production. Sensory organs such as the nose and eyes transmit information to the brain for up to 2 meters, albeit at a slow rate using a sort of chemical trail passed along worker ants - the exact mechanism is unknown. It is not known whether or not the entity can feel pleasure or pain.

Certain instances of SCP-1582-1 can connect to one another to create working organic systems. Body parts and sacs of organic material connected to abdomens of SCP-1582-1 are detached, and afterwards 'mended' together by worker drones. Afterwards the parts are retrieved and recycled using the previously mentioned process.

Interview 1582-A: The following is an interview conducted with SCP-1582, translated from his native language.

Dr. Ortega requested an interview over loudspeaker. In four minutes, the SCP-1582 combines the appropriate parts to form an assembly capable of speech. SCP-1582-1 Tongue, SCP-1582-1 Eye 1, SCP-1582-1 Eye 2, SCP-1582-1 Trachea, SCP-1582-1 Larynx, SCP-1582-1 Pharynx, and SCP-1582-1 Ear 1 arrive at the interview table.

Dr. Ortega: Where is the brain?

SCP-1582: The brain? My brain you mean instead? It needs to be here?

Dr. Ortega: Well, no. Can you answer a few questions for us?

SCP-1582: Yes.

Dr. Ortega: How did you end up like this?

SCP-1582: Walang stole important part. Has me cornered. Infiltrating my ranks, and stealing important part so that even if I found the woman part I could not have it. I need important part.

Dr. Ortega: Pardon?

SCP-1582: Yortj!

Dr. Ortega: No, how did you become split into a colony of ants?

SCP-1582: Yortj and mert! Only thing important! Get it back!

The SCP-1582-1 eye and ear parts begin moving erratically around the table, each of them converging on the speech assemblage.

SCP-1582: Walang, you coward snake! This will not go unpunished!

SCP-1582 begins ripping its tongue, larynx, and pharynx apart. The remainder of SCP-1582-1 begins traveling back toward its nest. Interview ended.

Addendum 1582-A: Unique instances of SCP-1582 itself were discovered at an isolated location in Western Australia, close to the proximity where the original SCP-1582 was discovered. Results of DNA testing reveal that the colonies have been warring for body parts since roughly 1790-1800. Due to the original costs of securing the original SCP-1582, the duplicate colonies were simply exterminated, although certain instances of SCP-1582-1, including a tongue drone, were salvaged at the request of SCP-1582 and agreement among those presiding over SCP-1582's containment.

Addendum 1582-B: Female SCP-1582-1 instances were found in close proximity of those found previously. It appears that the female SCP-1582 colony was in possession of the original SCP-1582's testicles, and using the part to create additional SCP-1582 queens. How this is accomplished is not yet known, further investigation or termination protocols pending Site Director approval.

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