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Oldest known photograph of SCP-1578 instance. Note the atypical absence of leg wear in this manifestation.

Item #: SCP-1578

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Articles of clothing involved in SCP-1578 manifestations can be easily neutralized with physical contact and may continue to be worn after neutralization. Minor SCP-1578 sighting by individuals or small groups are to be dismissed as pranks, hallucinations, or supernatural phenomena such as ghosts (a full list of cover stories is available in Document 1578-B). SCP-1578 appearances in public areas are to be handled on a case-by-case basis, with local field operatives intervening when necessary.

Description: SCP-1578 refers to the spontaneous manifestation of articles of clothing in a state of unsupported mid air suspension. SCP-1578 typically manifest in sets including (but not limited to) shoes, pants, gloves, hats, upper body wear, and undergarments. Although completely unsupported, articles of clothing give the appearance of concealing a solid humanoid structure underneath. Hats, scarves, and masks are also commonly integrated into instances, concealing the lack of a head. SCP-1578 instances are inanimate and will cease suspension when force is applied, thereby neutralizing its anomalous properties.

Reports of SCP-1578 activity has been dated back to the late 12th Century. Foundation statisticians have estimated between 500 and 700 SCP-1578 instances manifest worldwide every year. Articles of clothing present in SCP-1578 instances originate from the wardrobe of a different individual with every manifestation. The original owners of the clothing often report the outfit being a favorite of theirs and worn frequently prior to becoming an instance of SCP-1578.

SCP-1578 are usually posed in a natural standing position, with only 12% of instances found in active poses such as running or dancing. Instances appear in locations frequented by the original owner of the clothes integrated into the manifestation, most often appearing in the owner's place of living. Although many instances have appeared in public areas, no person has ever claimed to have seen a manifestation in progress.

Addendum: On 05/16/██, Health & Safety Councilwoman Dr. Macy Burchard upgraded the object class of SCP-1578 from Safe to Euclid.


In the past few years we have seen a drastic increase in the number of reports of Foundation staff members encountering SCP-1578 instances of their clothing and the clothes of their coworkers. Even more disturbingly, there have been unconfirmed reports of SCP-1578 instances displaying mobility and the ability to ambulate, mimicking daily tasks performed by Foundation personnel. This increase in anomalous activity seems to be limited to Foundation communities and specifically affects the clothing of individuals who are in close proximity to anomalies on a regular basis.

A team of researchers with experience in psychometric anomalies is currently leading an investigation into these recent changes in SCP-1578's behavior. Until we can better understand these events, SCP-1578 has been upgraded to Euclid class. Furthermore, Foundation employees who come in close or direct contact with other anomalies will be expected to incinerate all articles of clothing after six months of wear.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will inevitably cause many of you, and we greatly appreciate your continued dedication to keeping our workplaces as safe as possible.

Macy Burchard
Health & Safety Council

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