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Documentation of SCP-1574 manifestation.

Item #: SCP-1574

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All movements made by SCP-1574 are to be tracked and reported by Foundation agents stationed in the states of Mexico, Cuba, the United States, and other nations near or within the Gulf of Mexico. Any changes to its appearance are to be logged, in addition to any changes to its location. Currently, work on disabling SCP-1574's cloaking mechanism is ongoing. Any subjects witnessing SCP-1574's anomalous properties are to be issued Class-B amnestics.

In the event that SCP-1574 begins approaching a Foundation site, or other area known to house anomalous items, the area is to be evacuated, and all anomalous items removed until SCP-1574 passes.

Description: SCP-1574 is a roughly spherical object of extraterrestrial origin, 1.63 meters in diameter and capable of moving in any direction.

SCP-1574 has never been directly observed, due a perception-altering effect it emits on any living subject capable of observing it. This causes the subject to believe they are perceiving a variety of other objects, partially logged in this document. This is believed to be a cloaking effect, to allow SCP-1574 easy access to surveillance locations without being seen. Analysis by other methods has shown SCP-1574's actual shape, but testing to observe it further is ongoing.

Date Appearance Notes
12/15/1927 Meteorite First sighting of SCP-1574
09/02/1935 Miniature storm cloud, in the Florida Keys Wandered into the path of a hurricane, believed to have damaged SCP-1574 to an unknown degree.
05/28/1940 A small explosion, constantly changing its shape, although the general size was equivalent to SCP-1574. Generated heat and force equivalent to an actual explosion of this size.
06/17/1956 White picket fence, located in a suburban residential area within Miami, FL. Would replace portions of other fences in order to blend in, caused no significant alarm to civilian population due to lack of movement.
10/14/1964 A Volkswagen Type 2 automobile, painted with "hippie" colors. Suspended itself underwater, in a lake within ████ █████, FL, USA.
03/16/1976 Disco ball, with size comparable to SCP-1574. Suspended itself above a pine forest in █████, Cuba.
12/26/2004 A violently throbbing body of water, approximately twice SCP-1574's size. Occasional wildlife, such as fish or vegetation, could be seen within the "water."
08/27/2005 A miniature storm cloud, similar to how it appeared on 09/02/1935. N/A
01/20/2009 Manifested as the disembodied head of American President Barack Hussein Obama. Manifested underground, within a mine in ████████, Mexico.
09/18/2012 Appeared as a miniature version of the star 3214 Hybris, which had been studied in the same area SCP-1574 had manifested in. Displayed anomalous properties identical to SCP-255, resulting in ██ casualties to observation team.

The movement pattern displayed by SCP-1574 is erratic and apparently random, usually taking it through rural areas of Mexico and Cuba, and waters bordering those states. It has been known to make brief excursions to other states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, but these occur more rarely. It moves at a constant speed of 20 kph, with altitude varying between 1 and 16 meters off of the ground. As of ██/██201█, no major population centers have been targeted by SCP-1574, but this has not been eliminated as a possibility.

Various radio broadcasts have been recorded to emit from SCP-1574, usually directly following an alteration to its appearance. Prior to 1935, these broadcasts were incomprehensible to Foundation Xenocryptographers. However, since 09/03/1935, all transmissions made by SCP-1574 have used terrestrial languages, spliced together from various media programs.

SCP-1574 was first observed on 12/15/1927, as a meteorite heading towards earth. Following impact, SCP-1574's anomalous properties were observed by Foundation personnel, leading to its classification as an anomalous object. SCP-1574 was documented as an SCP on 11/23/1941, and classified as Euclid. Following SCP-1574's manifestation on 09/18/2012, it has been reclassified as Keter.

Addendum 1574-A: SCP-1574 transmissions.

Date Message Notes
12/15/1927 Incomprehensible. N/A
09/02/1935 We are… fear. Cannot continue… upwards c/an velocity stop. Do not panic. Report to/the people can hear us/ad/v/ise assistance to all. Spliced together from Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "fireside chats".
05/28/1940 Violence has erupted… not result of mine searcher, but of normal conventions to world. Search continues for savior. Broadcast in German, taken from various propaganda broadcasts.
06/17/1956 Well, we sure are still here… send aid soon… Wow! the colors are big… the biggest is out there. Taken from various children's cartoon programs.
10/14/1964 Attempts to groove in have flunked… war is on still… present not detected. Taken from [REDACTED]
03/16/1976 Decay… from planet. Unsure if it is from pep… but continue… one day you may find us again. Taken from various daily news programs.
12/26/2004 It's causing… disaster, everywhere. People are being crushed riding on wave. It was caused by the search party. Data will be seen at 5. Taken from various disaster relief organizations.
09/18/2012 We have found it. Personnel are advised to reach evacuation location. Please, help us! It's going to kill us! Please, send help before it comes to you! Voice in broadcast found to be identical to Agent ████, who had been killed by SCP-1574. Note that no evidence exists that Agent ████ broadcast these words.
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